1. Keeping the Brain Engaged During the Fall Semester

    As the fall semester moves along, students around the country are taking on more and more responsibility, and working on more and more class projects and assignments. At LearningRx, we want to work with students on a regular basis so that their brains stay engaged during the semester. As a brain training franchisee, you’ll be able to work with students of all ages and help them unlock greater co…Read More

  2. Is Student Success Your Number One Priority?

    At LearningRx, we work with people all across the country who want to open and operate a brain training center. We love meeting those who have a passion for helping students, and whose number one priority is student success. Through our brain training programs, thousands of students of all ages have improved their cognitive skills and become better learners both inside and outside the classroom. I…Read More

  3. What Are the Biggest Challenges So Far this Semester?

    For many students around the country, the new school year began this week. Some have been attending classes since last week, while others will head back before the beginning of September. At LearningRx, we love this time of year, as our brain training franchises begin connecting with students who are looking to improve their cognitive skills and become better learners. If you’re interested in le…Read More

  4. Setting a Schedule for the Semester

    If you’re a parent, then this time of the year can be both the best and worst of times for you. You’re excited that a new school year is starting, but you also know that you may have to fight to get your kids to adhere to a set schedule for the first few weeks of the semester. At LearningRx, we understand the benefit and importance of a schedule, and our brain training programs are designed to…Read More

  5. The Three Types of Students You May Train This Year

    With the new school year nearly here, students all across the country are getting ready to head back to the classroom and resume their academic careers. In our last post, we talked about three things you can do to get kids ready for the school year, and we hope that you’ve done some, if not all, of those suggestions. At LearningRx, our brain training programs are designed to help students of all…Read More

  6. LearningRx Review: “the program was very effective”

    Reviewed by: AH The program was very effective for JL, helping his processing speed and executive functioning. His trainer, Beth, was very personable and built a rapport with him that aided his success. JL's time management and processing speed have improved significantly. His missing assignments have dramatically decreased and he is feeling much more self sufficient. We appreciate everything Lear…Read More

  7. LearningRx Marlboro, NJ Review: “what a great experience”

    Reviewed by: Glenn S. What a great experience my son was having difficult in reading in 3rd grade. We were referred to LearningRx and his schooling completely changed. My son is completing the fifth grade and he is in the Gifted & Talented Program. Many Thanks Glenn & Laura…Read More

  8. LearningRx Frisco, TX Review: “an excellent cognitive training program”

    Reviewed by: Lisa E. This is an excellent cognitive training program. We came in the doors so frustrated with the hours it took to do homework and a terrible attitude about school. We are leaving so proud of the success our son has made. Learning RX provides a thorough program, clear goals, good communication and lots of encouragement. It was challenging to juggle school, Learning RX, sports activ…Read More