1. Encourage Students to Join Study Groups

    We’ve written before about helping students form positive study habits, and our brain training franchisees are uniquely positioned to help students discover the best way to prepare for a test or a project. However, as we’ve said before, brain training is about more than preparing for an exam – it’s about helping people prepare for the future by improving their cognitive skills and their co…Read More

  2. What Are Your Plans for the New Year?

    December is here again, and for students around the country, it means that the holiday break isn’t too far away. It can also means tests and final exams, but once those are out of the way, students can focus on refreshing and recharging before coming back for the next semester. At LearningRx, we love meeting people who are passionate about working with students of all ages, and helping those stu…Read More

  3. Helping College Students with Jobs

    For those students who want to go to college, it’s often likely that they’ll have to work while going to school in order to help pay for tuition, books, and other expenses. A high school student may get a scholarship or two, but with the current costs of going to college, he or she will likely need a job to cover everything. At LearningRx, our brain training programs are designed to help stude…Read More

  4. Creating a Positive Culture in Your Learning Center

    Opening a learning center, as with any business, can be a challenge, and as you get started, you want to create a positive culture where employees, students, and everyone involved can thrive. At LearningRx, we do our very best to encourage and support our brain training franchisees, and we’re always here to provide the resources and information that you need to create the culture you want. In th…Read More

  5. Studying and Learning During Winter Break

    In our last post, we talked about instilling positive study habits and helping students become better learners. With winter break coming up for high school and college students, the last thing people may be thinking about is studying, but there can be some benefit to keeping your nose in a book for those few weeks you have off from school. At LearningRx, we love encouraging students of all ages to…Read More

  6. Instill Positive Study Habits

    For some students, studying for a test or a quiz is second nature. They can read the textbook or look over a handout, learn the information, and recall it during the exam. However, some students struggle with studying, either because they can’t focus long enough to truly glean the important information or they can’t recall the necessary information once test time arrives. At LearningRx, our fr…Read More

  7. Help Students Prepare for Graduate School

    For many students, getting their college degree is one of the pinnacle achievements of their lives. It’s the culmination of at least four years of hard work and dedication, and it is something to be celebrated. However, there are those who want to build off that degree and pursue a Master’s or Doctorate in a certain field. While there’s nothing wrong with taking one’s undergraduate degree …Read More

  8. Has Your Child Expressed Interest in Having a Tutor?

    Not every child likes the idea of having to spend more time on schoolwork, and perhaps even fewer like the idea of having a tutor. However, there are those who see the benefit of having some extra help, especially in a subject they like and want to know more about so they can advance more quickly. For example, a student who loves science may find that the classroom assignments they receive aren’…Read More

  9. Challenges Students Face Every Day

    Students of all ages face different challenges every single day, and while some overcome them, others struggle to find the solutions that will help them move past those obstacles and find the success they’ve been seeking. Whether they’re in first grade or starting their freshman year of college, it’s important for students to be prepared for whatever lies ahead. At LearningRx, we’re dedica…Read More