1. The Brain: Part One

    The human brain is an amazing organ, and scientists have studied it for years trying to understand its complex workings. The brain is responsible for everything your body does, from breathing and blinking to walking and talking. Trauma to the brain can drastically change how the body functions, and understanding the parts of the brain can help a person appreciate just how important it is to prote…Read More

  2. Three of The Smartest People Who Ever Lived

      Brainpower has always been held in high esteem around the world, even if those who had a lot of it were looked at with disdain from time to time. They were ahead of their time in many ways, and often ruffled the feathers of their contemporaries, whether it was in math, science, engineering, or another field. They came up with theories and practices that pushed the boundaries of their field or …Read More

  3. The Best Movies About Brainpower

    With summer break now here for students all across the country, kids of all ages are looking for activities with which to fill their time (once their chores are done, of course). Some older students may be taking summer classes to get ready for college, while others are going to tackle that latest video game to see if they can finish it before July. At LearningRx, our franchise locations look for…Read More

  4. Helping Students Who Are Applying to Colleges

    Summer break is almost here, but for high school juniors, it can often mean the beginning of college application season. Some students may have already taken the SAT or ACT and applied to a few schools, but their parents may be planning on taking them to a few universities over the summer. Most colleges around the country have summer terms, so high school students can see classes in session and g…Read More

  5. Summer Reading Plans

    As kids around the country get ready for the end of school, their minds are turning to summer vacation and everything they’re going to do over the break. For some, that might include reading a new book, or revisiting some of their favorites. For others, reading might be the last thing on their mind, but picking up a fun book at least once during the summer can help keep their brains engaged and…Read More

  6. The Last Few Weeks of School

    Now that May is here, students across the country are looking forward to the last few weeks of school and the end of the current semester. Whether they’re finishing first grade or getting closer to college graduation, students are working hard to complete assignments, projects, and final exams. At LearningRx, we understand that there can be a commitment to finishing strong during the last few w…Read More

  7. Moving from Tutoring to Brain Training

    If you’ve previously worked as a tutor, then you could be uniquely positioned to succeed as a brain training franchisee. At LearningRx, we believe that every student should have a chance to improve their cognitive skills, and if you’ve tutored before, then you know that each child is different and requires a different approach. Our brain training programs are different from traditional academ…Read More

  8. Preparing for the SAT and ACT

    April is now half over, and that means that high school juniors (and some seniors) have just taken or are preparing to take the SAT or ACT. These two admissions tests are looked at by nearly every college and university in the country, and students often spend weeks preparing for their tests. Their schools may provide prep courses and practice tests, and some students spend their evening studying…Read More

  9. A Student’s Intellectual and Emotional Intelligence

    As a parent, you know the range of emotions that your child can experience in a single day. They may wake up cranky, be happy after breakfast, and be upset after a particularly hard day at school. If you’re a teacher, then you see the emotions of all of your young students every single day. They may be anxious before a test, sad with the grade they get, or angry when a classmate mistreats them.…Read More