1. Help Students Prepare for Graduate School

    For many students, getting their college degree is one of the pinnacle achievements of their lives. It’s the culmination of at least four years of hard work and dedication, and it is something to be celebrated. However, there are those who want to build off that degree and pursue a Master’s or Doctorate in a certain field. While there’s nothing wrong with taking one’s undergraduate degree …Read More

  2. Has Your Child Expressed Interest in Having a Tutor?

    Not every child likes the idea of having to spend more time on schoolwork, and perhaps even fewer like the idea of having a tutor. However, there are those who see the benefit of having some extra help, especially in a subject they like and want to know more about so they can advance more quickly. For example, a student who loves science may find that the classroom assignments they receive aren’…Read More

  3. Challenges Students Face Every Day

    Students of all ages face different challenges every single day, and while some overcome them, others struggle to find the solutions that will help them move past those obstacles and find the success they’ve been seeking. Whether they’re in first grade or starting their freshman year of college, it’s important for students to be prepared for whatever lies ahead. At LearningRx, we’re dedica…Read More

  4. Getting Students Prepared for Their First Session

    Now that the school year is in full swing for many students, there may be a few kids who have scheduled their first brain training session. As a LearningRx franchisee, it is important that you make sure both the child and their parents are prepared for the first session. If mom or dad brought their little one in to sign up, or you met them at a special event, take the opportunity to explain what i…Read More

  5. The First Month of School

    August is nearly over, and that means that many students across the country are starting or perhaps even halfway into their first month of the school year. We covered the best back-to-school habits in a previous post, but what should students be focused on now that school has started? At LearningRx, we want our franchisees to be ready for all the new students who will be signing up for brain train…Read More

  6. Tutoring as a Second Business

    If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, then you know how much time and energy it takes to take an idea and make it a reality. You may be starting on your first company, or you may have taken a startup idea and turned it into a successful corporation. Whatever the case may be, you’re always looking for that next opportunity to present itself. You may have plans to keep one foot in t…Read More

  7. The Best Back-to-School Habits

    August is now here, and that means schools around the country will soon be starting a new semester. Everyone, from kindergarten to college, will be preparing for another year of learning and growing. At LearningRx, we love the start of the school year, and our brain training franchisees can often seen an influx of new students during this time of year. Students of all ages want to shake off the su…Read More

  8. What Happens to Our Brains As We Age?

    The human brain continues to develop until approximately the age of 25, and scientists are always striving to understand more about the brain and what happens to it as we get older. At LearningRx, our programs are designed to help people of all ages improve their cognitive skills, and we’re always interested to see how different people of different ages can boost their brainpower. There are thin…Read More

  9. Sign Up for an Upcoming Webinar

    Tomorrow marks another LearningRx Franchise Webinar for those who are interested in starting a brain training franchise in their community, but if you didn’t get signed up in time, that’s okay. We have more webinars coming up in the next two months, and if you want to learn more about our training center opportunities, now is the time to act. What You’ll Learn If you’ve never attended a we…Read More