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The LearningRx Clinical License opportunity is open to doctorate-level medical, psychological, educational, and therapeutic professionals with an existing clinical practice in available areas of the United States.

Cognitive License

The cost of a LearningRx license ranges from $3,900-$15,000. (For more information about the individual PACE license for non-doctoral professionals and parents in available areas of the United States, please visit

$10,000 License & Training Fee + Program Fee

  • ThinkRx
  • LiftOff (preschool program)
  • 50% One-on-One/50% Digital Program

Reading License $5000 License & Training Fee + Program Fee
Can only be purchased in conjunction with Cognitive License

  • ReadRx
  • ComprehendRx

The initial licensing fee gives you access to the proprietary materials, and also covers the cost of your training with us in Colorado Springs, as well as any future trainings you may attend. The program fee covers your student materials and also gives you continued access to the proprietary materials, as well as making our support team available to you for help with testing, consultations, student training, etc. 

Click here to review the Client Outcomes and Clinical Licensing Booklet, which includes client outcomes information on over 18,000 LearningRx students by program and subgroup, current research information, and a licensing vs. franchising breakdown.

Learn More

Learn how to apply for a Clinical License. Once we receive your application, we will contact you to schedule an intro call to learn more about you and your goals.

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If you are not a professional, please visit the LearningRx Franchise Homepage to learn more about starting a business with LearningRx.