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LearningRx began many years ago, when our founder, Dr. Ken Gibson, was in grade school. He had some very high skills and was able to skip ahead a grade, but because of weak auditory processing skills, he was placed in the lowest reading group. These struggles planted a dream in his heart to help other individuals who struggled with reading, and this became his passion.

Dr. Gibson is a father of 5, as well as a vision specialist and Doctor of Optometry. When his oldest daughter, Kim, was ready for preschool, he couldn’t find a school that would meet all of his learning requirements.

His solution was to begin his own preschools – which he did throughout the Appleton, Wisconsin area! These preschools were very progressive – implementing Montessori methods and employing the use of reading machines, among other interventions. Children leaving Dr. Gibson’s preschools were reading at the third grade reading level!!! Dr. Gibson ran into the same problems when his children were old enough for grade school, and he began his own private school to ensure that his children received the very best education.

Dr. Gibson remained very interested in making an impact on reading struggles, so he began a chain of Learning Centers to help students who struggled with reading. Within his optometry practices, he focused on Vision Therapy and Sensory Motor Integration. Much to his chagrin, he wasn’t making the impact that he wanted to make with these interventions. As he continued his research, he decided to make significant changes to his program and started getting amazing results. One of the biggest impacts on Dr. Gibson’s program came from the doctors who worked with the Portland Trailblazers the year that they won the NBA Championship. These doctors introduced him to the ideas of loading and intensity.

These discoveries led Dr. Gibson to make a number of changes to his existing program, including changing his 18-month program into a 12-week program, and going from group training to exclusively one-on-one training. He transitioned from instructional therapy to an intense, game-like program that included loading – which is unique to our LearningRx methodology. All of these changes produced incredible results – much like the results our students experience every day in our centers around the nation!

In 1985, Dr. Gibson began licensing a program called VIP (Visual Integration Processing) to professionals around the nation. In1995, Dr. Gibson’s daughter Tanya joined him as the first non-doctor to run a center, and they integrated more auditory processing components, knowing that this would help them make a big impact on all learning skills. They began licensing professionals around the nation to provide this training program to their patients. They also began licensing educators and other individuals to deliver the program (by this point called PACE – Processing and Cognitive Enhancement); over 500 individuals and groups have been licensed to provide brain training throughout the years.

Dr. Gibson and Tanya moved to Colorado Springs, CO in 2002 and opened a PACE center here to help students in the Colorado Springs area. In their first quarter, they were able to help more students than any of our previous licensees had helped in an entire year! This led them to realize that it was important to teach individuals not only how to implement our programs, but also how to run a business. We began franchising LearningRx centers in 2003, and currently have over 80 centers nationwide. We also have more than 20 licensees in over 15 countries around the world!

Our number one priority is to ensure that we have the very best franchisees who are going to be happy and successful running a LearningRx center every day. We are committed to sharing as much information with our franchise candidates as possible, so that you can make an informed decision and feel good every day about working with us. We can’t wait to get to know you better as you learn more about our LearningRx Franchise Opportunity!


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Please visit www.drkengibson.com. You can also download free copies of his e-books, Unlock the Einstein Inside and The Purpose Directed Business.