LearningRx can help anyone think faster and more efficiently. What does that mean for our customers? Our brain training programs actually change the way they think and that means that every aspect of their life changes. Their new skills give LearningRx students a huge boost in confidence as well as doing better academically, athletically, and even socially.

Our programs have benefitted many people:

1. Traumatic Brain Injury Victims

We can improve weak cognitive skills.

2. Preschoolers

LearningRx can improve the chances of your preschooler’s school success!

3. Slow Learner, ADHD, LD, and Dyslexia

Weak cognitive skills can be improved!

4. Struggling Students

Higher performance is possible!

5. High School Students

Universities look for the best! Expand your choices and opportunities!

6. Professionals

Gain an edge on life’s demands and on your competition!

7. Seniors

Your loved ones will continue to improve their cognitive abilities.

8. Autism Spectrum

Our programs can make a big impact!

About 75% of our LearningRx student population is comprised of school-aged children; within that population, the majority are struggling students (ADHD, learning disabled, dyslexic, slow learners, and students with other learning diagnoses). The remaining 25% of our student population is comprised of career adults, traumatic brain injury patients, and senior adults. As you can see, we achieve great results with our students of all ages and learning levels!

These results are based on the before-and-after test results of LearningRx clients, without a control group. You or your child may achieve more, less, or no improvements after LearningRx brain training.