How to Start a Tutoring/Education Business and 9 Free Tools to Make it Easier, Faster, and Better.

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  • Business Personality Profile ($10 value)
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  • Research Results and Client Outcomes
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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Tanya Mitchell, a Certified Franchise Executive. I've been helping people with business opportunities for over 20 years and franchise opportunities for over 15 years and today I'd like to introduce you to my father Dr. Ken Gibson. He is the founder of the world's largest personal brain training franchise and we also have licensees in over 47 countries. He’s also the author of the “Purpose Directed Business” book which talks about how to run a great service business.

We’ll be talking about how we can help people find the right business opportunity. We have been using special tools for over 15 years and today we're going to offer these business discovery tools to you - absolutely free of charge. This is over a $250 value. And you can get all of these resources, plus more, absolutely free and instantly. All you have to do is fill out the form.

We’ll take you through some of these different tools and how vital they are for your success as you're looking for the right business fit.

The first tool is the Business Personality Profile. This is a tool we've been using for over ten years, and it really helps people see if a service business is right for them. By taking this personality profile, which was costing us $49 per profile - per candidate - but for you - this is absolutely free. It's going to help you find your strengths and weaknesses, who to hire that can supplement your weaknesses. Yes, if someone is strong in some areas - like task details - but not good with people skills - and if you're in a business dealing with people, the task manager type isn’t a good fit. You need someone also who can communicate with others. Understanding how someone operates can make if a lot easier to communicate with them – which can be a real help in your business. Yes, again it’s a $49 value – but absolutely free with instant access.

The next tool we're going to talk about is the Business Discovery Survey. This is something that we put together recently because often we get calls and questions like: I don't really know if and what I want to do? This tool is really a great guide to help you laser focus on what you really want in a business. A lot of factors play a role in that, like - what you're good at and what you're not good at, where you live, and the dollars you have available to invest in a business. We put a $10 value on the survey - but it may be worth thousands of dollars to you - if it keeps you from making a mistake and saves you a lot of time, energy, and money.

Once you have a list of things that you're looking for in a business – finding the right business is a lot easier. Here is just some of the questions the survey takes you through: Are you looking for something full or part-time? Do you want to work by yourself - directly with clients or do you want employees so that you can help and work with more people? Yes, the Business Discovery Survey is going to be a great help to you.

The next item I want to talk to you about is my father's Book – “The Purpose Directed Business”. It’s a $15 value - but I'm sure it's going to save you thousands of dollars. So, it’s worth way more than the cover price and the book is an insider's look into the values, strategies, and 15 profitability keys of small business success. And let me just say as someone who has grown up underneath your business wisdom (it’s nice to have a daughter to talk to you like that) – there is an accumulation of over 50 years of business experience. Actually, more than fifty years - because you had your first business at age 11 employing your school friends to cut lawns.

The book shares lessons from your multiple successful businesses you've started – so this is just a great look into what you've learned and some of the things that we think are important like values, determining what your purpose is, where you fit in this world, what legacy you want to leave, how to live with integrity, honesty, and take responsibility and seeking excellence. (You may never reach total excellence - but you always got to be striving for excellence). The book also goes into strategies and having a vision and plan, utilizing staff well and trying to serve other people.

The third section of the book deals with profitability. We talk about how to determine what marketing best works; how to collect dollars due; creating a wow factor - because if you want to build a business you want referrals.

I think an interesting point - that you almost never see I talked about - is budgeting a profit – yes! I’ve been told by a lot of franchisees that you've worked with and trained what a great strategy that is and how helpful it's been.

Let me also just add that Dad is a learner of all things - including business and marketing. So many of the valuable concepts he has read are added into his book - and makes this book a very quick read and a simple approach to understanding and growing a service business.


The next item is a secret link to download most Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD). You may not realize it but - there is ways for you to get these documents without actually speaking three to four hours to a salesperson. But we're going to give this link to you absolutely free!

If you try to purchase these FDD’s without talking to the franchisor – it will cost you anywhere between $35 and $45 per FDD – but you can go to this unknown link and download them for free. If you download 10 – that’s a $350 savings. You're probably not going to download ten because they are long (100-150 pages) and boring (legal contract). But there's parts of them that really needs to be looked at - particularly when you get really interested in a concept. You’ll want to study Item 19 (the earnings claim section). Some franchisors don’t Include this information (be aware – they might be hiding something).

Also, Item 6 list all fees - so besides franchise fees and royalty which is out front -you’ll learn sometimes a franchisor will have additional fees of ten to 15% on top of royalty fees. So be careful to add up all the fees when comparing.

Now we've taken care of a lot of that work for you - which is item number five. We’ve gone through the top ten tutoring/educational franchises FTD's and put together a very simple Franchise Comparison Chart for you. It's taken us hours and hours to put this together (which we couldn’t find elsewhere). It’s going be a great tool as you compare different tutoring and education franchises. Yes, a real time-saver for you. It is easily a $39 value and will save lots of time – and we’re giving it to you. Included within this chart are:

  • · estimated investment
  • · franchise fees
  • · royalty
  • · marketing fees
  • · fees charge to customer (something very difficult to find)
  • · support level (is it award-winning)
  • · product uniqueness
  • · competition
  • · customer base
  • · plus others

It's going to be a load of help and save you a lot of time and frustration - you really need to read this.

Another benefit that we've adding: because we're a brain training franchise - and if you are interested in tutoring or an education category business - you're going to love what we do and so we want to also offer you some information on how LearningRx brain training or one of our business opportunities compares to other franchise or business systems.

Two really big differences right at the top are:

1) even though we work with similar populations, brain training isn’t limited to just kids that need tutoring, but from age 6 to 96 to help make learning and performing easier, better, and faster.

2) with brain training, we don’t target the symptom only – but the underlying cause!

We’re offering you 15 minutes of my time (I’m a Certification Franchise Executive - which means I've been through several years of courses (it’s like a Master's Degree in franchising). This time is NOT about selling you anything - it is solely about helping you.

I’ll go over the Discovery Survey and the Personality Profile with you, answer question about ways to fund your new business, and because we have an insider's knowledge of franchising in general – and know the franchise industry, I can give you straight answers.

Again - I am here to help you – knowing that if I can help enough other people – some will look at what we do and want to know more. I want to find the right fit for you and us - as most franchisors do – because working in business together is a little like a marriage – you both want to start with the right person or business.

We're also going to give you the LearningRx Information Kit, a kit that has tons of valuable and interesting Information. A lot of your questions will be answered. This kit covers both franchising and non-franchising business opportunities.

Yes, why not start your search by looking at the world's most powerful brain training programs (based on studies and research). Why not research LearningRx as you look at other opportunities?

To back up our claims, we’re also going to give you our Research Results and Client Outcomes report. This research report has peer-reviewed articles, peer-reviewed research on over 21,000 client outcomes. You could look the world over and not find results and changes as great or unmatched as you will find in these studies. We also have MRI scans so you can actually see the difference in the brain structure before and after training. It's incredible!

As you read this report, or even have a friend or family member (who has memory loss, brain injury, dyslexia, or ADHD) or a neurologist reads it – you will see the results are very impressive. This is one of the tools that our providers would use when networking – and LearningRx has a very high referral rate - over 35%. That high rate is based on the results that our students get and the value that they see in the training.

Another item we want to offer you is a webinar that we do monthly but have recorded. The webinar is “Changing Lives for a Living Through Personal One-on-One Brain Training”, and covers:

  • · a brain training demo
  • · a view into some of our centers
  • · different business opportunities that we have
  • · the application process

It's important, because we have been talking about franchising a fair amount, that you also know that we have other business opportunities. Starting from a part-time/in the home license opportunity to having multiple centers all around the world. Yes, we're in over 47 countries with our programs besides the United States.

We have small business licensing opportunities for those that may not have the finances to start a LearningRx Center (PACE in north America & BrainRx in the rest of the world) If you’re a license health or therapy professional, we have special License opportunities for you too. For those looking for a protected Territory – we have two franchise opportunities. If you’re interested in doing what we do – we have a business option for you.

So, you get this whole toolkit of over 15 years of our accumulated expertise and knowledge, and:

  • · Business Personality Profile (that we were paying thousands of dollars a year to use) ($49 value)
  • · Business Personality Profile ($10 value)
  • · Book – “The Purpose Directed Business ($15 value)
  • · Where to get fee Franchise Disclosure Documents ($200-$350 value)
  • · Franchise Comparison Chart ($39 value)
  • · 15 minutes of Tanya’s time ($20 value)
  • · Research Results and Client Outcomes
  • · “Changing Lives for a Living Through Personal One-on-One Brain Training” Webinar

For FREE and instantly – all you have to do is fill in the form!

Hopefully by using all these tools, we'll have that call and get to know you better and help direct you to what’s best for YOU. We're in the business of brain training – so this is a no "brainer" – getting the right information before acting is the right way to go. So, go ahead and get these resources that will help you and help direct you as you move along in your search for the right business opportunity.

Take advantage of this offer today. It’s going to save you tons and tons of time and money - so go ahead and fill out the form. There is no obligation and no downside. Do it now while the offer is here. You may not find it again. OK?

*Results may vary from person to person


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