5 Daily Brain Breaks for the Office

At LearningRx, our mission is to help students of all ages improve their cognitive skills through our brain training programs. Our franchisees across the country work with students on a daily basis to improve attention, focus, memory, processing speed, and more, and the results often speak for themselves.

We all use our brains for so much every day, and it’s important to take breaks every so often so that we give it a chance to relax. This is especially important for anyone who sits in front of a computer all day in an office. You need to take time to refocus and let your brain have a rest, even if it’s only for five minutes.

1. Walk Around

After sitting in front of a screen for several hours, it’s good to get up and walk around. Not only is this good for your body, it’s good for your brain as well. Taking a break from what you’ve been working on and stretching your muscles can help you come back to it with a renewed focus. You may also think about a new way to solve a particular problem while you stroll around the office!

2. Listen to Music (Away From Your Desk)

You may have music playing in your headphones while you work, but that’s likely just background music that drowns out the ambient noise around you. You have soundtracks or instrumental music that plays continuously throughout the day, but when you want to take a brain break, go find a comfortable chair and listen to some tracks you’ve wanted to hear all day. There might be something from one of your favorite artists that you haven’t heard yet, and new music can be a great way to stimulate your brain.

3. Don’t Skip Snack Time

Your brain needs nutrients in order to function properly, and hopefully you eat breakfast every day to fuel your brainpower throughout the morning. However, when you hit that mid-morning slowdown, it can be beneficial to have a healthy snack. Something with plenty of protein can give you the energy to focus and keep your brain on track until lunch. Make sure you take your snack break away from your desk!

4. Play a Game

If you’re not interested in simply walking around for your brain break, then consider playing a game instead. This doesn’t mean you play a game on your computer or on your phone, but something that gets you moving, such as ping pong. If your office has ping pong tables or a foosball table, then find someone to play with and get your brain engaged in something other than spreadsheets and emails.

5. Have a Conversation

Since you’re staring at a screen or on the phone all day, you may not have much face-to-face interaction with other people (besides the occasional meeting). When you’re taking your brain break, find someone to talk to and find out how their day has been going. You don’t have to talk about anything in particular, but a five- to 10-minute conversation can be just the thing you need to reset your brain.

We hope that these brain breaks have given you some ideas of how to keep yourself focused at work and fend off any “brain fog” that threatens to disrupt your day. If you’d like to learn more about our brain training programs and how they can benefit you, or how you can open your own education franchise location, then please contact us today. We’ll gladly provide you with information on how you can start a LearningRx center, as well as what you can expect to make in your first year as a franchisee.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Offer an Alternative to Summer School

When you were a child, you may have heard about some of your classmates attending summer school in order to catch up on subjects that they may have fallen behind on during the year. Summer school may have carried some negative connotations, as if it were some form of punishment, but in reality, it was the best way for these students to keep up with their peers.

At LearningRx, we believe in giving every student the opportunity to improve themselves, and as a brain training franchisee, you can be in a position to offer an alternative to summer school. If a student is having trouble with a specific subject, then you can offer them programs that help them improve their skills in that particular area.

Tutoring During the Summer

Our brain training programs are designed for students of all ages, and for those who need tutoring during the summer, a learning center can provide the perfect alternative. The idea of working with a tutor in June or July may not be the most pleasant to a middle schooler or high schooler, especially when their friends are all hanging out by the pool or going on vacation.

However, instead of learning facts and figures that they were meant to learn during the school year, students can work on improving cognitive skills such as focus, memory, and processing speed. They’ll learn to use more of their brains, which can only benefit them in the future. Since they’ll be coming to your LearningRx location, they will be getting out of the house and working one-on-one with a certified brain trainer. This can be much more appealing than having a tutor come to the house a few times a week, which can feel like they’re invading a student’s personal space.

A Positive Environment

When a student thinks of summer school, they likely think about sitting in the same classroom where they just spent the last eight to nine months. They’re usually not too keen on that idea, since the classroom often makes them feel stressed and overwhelmed. By coming to your learning center, they can walk into a positive environment where they are welcomed and appreciated. Their brain trainer can encourage them and provide them with the opportunity for personal development.

It’s also tough being one of just a few students who are attending summer school. The one-on-one environment that you will provide means that they’re not sitting in a classroom with five or six other students whom they may not even know. They get the personal attention of their trainer, and they hopefully won’t feel like they’re simply trying to learn things they should have during the school year.

Learn More Today

If you like the idea of being able to offer an alternative to summer school, then contact us today to see if there’s an opportunity to open a brain training franchise location in your city. We love meeting people who have a passion for helping students better themselves. Instead of dreading summer school or traditional tutoring, students will be excited about improving their cognitive skills!

Open a Brain Training Franchise This Summer

As the end of the semester draws closer, you might be thinking about what you’re going to do this summer. You might be a teacher, a parent, or both, and you look forward each year to the break that the summer months provide for both you and your kids. If you’re looking to pursue something new this summer in terms of a career path, then LearningRx would love to talk to you about opening a brain training franchise.

Our educational franchise opportunities offer much more than your traditional tutoring center. Our programs are designed to help students of all ages unlock greater cognitive potential and assist them in becoming better learners. Brain training goes beyond just remembering facts and figures for a test — it’s intended to help students use more brain power on a daily basis.

Why Summer is a Great Time to Open a Learning Center

While students don’t usually want to think about school during the summer, it can be the perfect time for a parent or teacher to think about the new semester that will start in August or September. As a parent, you may have a child who struggles with a certain subject, and if you’re a teacher, then you know which students have trouble in class.

Opening a learning center during the summer will allow you to work with students who need that extra boost of confidence before the next semester begins. Students often have a more flexible schedule during the summer, so you can potentially attract more clients while school is not in session. Their training can continue into the school year, and they can get a jump on improving their cognitive skills before the pressures of the classroom are present once again.

A New Start for You

If you’ve been a teacher for several years, then it’s likely difficult to think about changing careers. However, if that’s what you’ve decided to do, then summer can be a perfect time for a new start. You can wrap up this school year and leave once the semester has ended, starting fresh with your new career a few weeks later. You can give yourself time to sit back and relax, and then hit the ground running with your new brain training center.

At LearningRx, we love partnering with people who want to make a new start when it comes to their career. No matter what you’ve done before, we can help you decide if an education franchise is the right fit for you. By requesting your Free Information Kit, you can receive all the details about our franchise structure, what it looks like to open a new learning center, and more.

If you’d like to see if we have an available territory in your area, then fill out this form today. If you have general questions about our brain training programs or anything else, then please contact us by using the form below or by giving us a call today.

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Preparing for the End of the Semester

Now that Spring Break has come and gone for most students around the country, the focus has turned to the final weeks of the semester. Some schools may not be letting out until the end of May or beginning of June, but nearly all classes will be preparing for some type of end-of-year project or test.

At LearningRx, we want students of all ages to be prepared for the end of the semester. Our brain training programs are designed to provide more benefits than traditional tutoring, and they can prove valuable for elementary, middle school, high school, and college students. If you’re interested in learning more about our educational franchise opportunities, then please contact us today!

Final Tests and Exams

For many older students, the end of the semester means final tests and exams. Those in high school and college will have studied certain subjects for the entire semester, and now they will be tested on what they learned. Our programs are designed to help students access better memory skills, attention, focus, and other cognitive skills that are imperative for final exams. However, unlike tutoring, our programs do more than just help a student recall facts and figures — they help a student unlock greater cognitive potential.

Summer Plans

As the end of the semester approaches, many students will be thinking of the summer months that lay beyond the final exams. They’re excited about having a break from school, traveling to see family and friends, and enjoying things they haven’t been able to do during the school year. For those who may have had trouble keeping up during the semester, or they want to train their brain so that they’re ready for the fall semester, then brain training can be a great thing to add to their summer plans.

Planning for the Future

If a student is finishing high school or college this semester, then they’re likely planning for their future. They might be continuing their education, or they may be looking to start a career. Whatever the case may be, the end of the semester marks a milestone for them. As they move into college or a career, greater cognitive power can serve them well. If a certain subject has given them trouble, or they’re worried about being able to keep up at work, then enrolling in brain training can be a smart decision.

Learn More Today

At LearningRx, we love partnering with passionate individuals who want to help students improve their cognitive skills. As the end of the semester approaches, teachers, students, and parents will all think back on the school year. Each person will have a different perspective — a teacher may have a student in mind who they would’ve liked to see do better in class, a student may wish they’d done better in a certain subject, and a parent may have wanted their child to achieve bigger and better things. Those opportunities are still out there, and if you’re interested in opening a brain training franchise and helping students in your community, then please contact us today.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Brain Fun for Spring Break!

For many students around the country, spring break is nearly here, and they’re likely excited for a respite from schoolwork. Those in college might be heading off somewhere tropical, but for younger students, a week at home is the perfect break from the classroom. At LearningRx, we understand the need for a hiatus from school, since the brain needs time to rest as well.

During spring break, students may want to pursue things that they don’t get to do in the classroom. There may be a book they’ve been wanting to read or a museum they want to visit, and a week off from school can provide the perfect opportunity to do those things. They’ll likely want to watch TV and play video games as well, but as long as their brain is getting some stimulation, they’ll hopefully come back to school ready to learn!

Learn Some History

There’s a very good possibility that your town or city is full of history. There may have been famous people born there, or something significant may have happened there many years ago. Taking a tour of historical sites can help students not only learn new facts, but see their town or city in a different way. They can learn when the city was founded and who lived there at the very beginning. If a student is participating in brain training programs, they should be able to recall those facts quickly, should they need them in the future.

Build Something

There’s often nothing more challenging for the brain than trying to build something. A student who wants to build a piece of furniture during spring break will need to utilize their math skills in order to make sure they measure and cut things correctly. They’ll also have the opportunity to learn how to use new tools and incorporate good hand-eye coordination when using those tools. The brain will be engaged during the entire process, from the initial design to the finishing touches.

Attend a Day Camp

Some communities offer day camps for students who are on spring break. Parents are often still working during this time, and instead of hiring a babysitter or sending the kids to their grandparents’ house for the week, they can enroll the kids in a day camp. Some of our LearningRx centers around the country have offered spring break camps over the years, and it can be a great way for students to challenge their brains and learn new things.

There are likely some camps in your area that are perfect for kids in elementary and middle school. Look for those that involve hands-on and interactive activities so that the kids are not only using their brains, but their brains and their bodies together.

Spring break might come and go too quickly for some, but it’s important that students enjoy their time away from school. If you’re looking for things for your kids to do while they’re on break, then we hope this post has helped you. If you’d like to learn more about our brain training programs and how you can open your own LearningRx center, then please contact us right away.

We look forward to speaking with you!

What Are the Schools Like in Your City?

At LearningRx, we want every student in every classroom to succeed. We know that not all schools are the same, and our learning center franchisees around the country have worked with students of varying ages and ability levels. If you’re interested in opening an education franchise in your city so that you can offer brain training programs, then it’s good to know what the schools in your city are like.

If you have children who attend a local school, then you may have some idea what the education system is like in your town or city. However, if you’re not associated at all with the local schools, then how do you measure them? In this post, we’ll cover some ways in which you can assess your local learning institutions.

Look at Test Scores

Every school in your area should have test scores available to review. At certain grades, such as 4th and 8th grade, students should be taking tests that measure their knowledge of certain subject matter. The average of those scores should be available to the public, and you can see how your local schools did on the latest tests.

For older students, such as high school juniors and seniors, you can review ACT and SAT scores. Since these students are applying to colleges and universities, you can see how prepared they are for higher education. It’s good to take a look at a wide variety of schools, including public schools, charter schools, and private institutions.

It’s good to keep in mind that while looking at average test scores, not every score will be indicative of the school’s overall performance. Not all students are strong test-takers, even though they know the information that was present on the exam. When it comes to brain training, we want to help students unlock more of their cognitive potential, not just become better at taking tests and quizzes.

Talk With Teachers and Administrators

If you’re interested in opening a LearningRx center in your community, then it’s a good idea to talk with teachers and administrators. The teachers are in their classrooms every single day, working with students of varying ability levels. They know which students are struggling and which ones are excelling. They can see which subjects present the most challenges, and where students tend to get tripped up the most.

As for administrators, they often have the “bigger picture” of their schools. They know the issues that come up the most often, and they hear from the teachers where resources are needed and which classrooms need the most help. They’re also responsible for holding the teachers accountable and making sure they’re doing their very best.

By talking with and building relationships with teachers and administrators, you can gain a better understanding of the schools in your area. You can decide where your education franchise will be located and have a better idea what type and what age of students may be visiting your for brain training.

Talk With Parents

Parents with school-age children are usually more than willing to talk about the schools their kids attend. They’re ready to share what’s wrong with the school, as well as what’s going right. They have opinions on teachers, administrators, facilities, and more, and it’s always good to take those opinions with a grain of salt. However, there is usually some truth to be found in a parent’s opinion, since they want what’s best for their child. If they feel that a school is lacking in certain areas, then you can use that as an opportunity to help students achieve greater success both inside and outside the classroom.

When it comes to helping students through brain training, it’s good to have an idea of what the schools in your area are like. No matter how well students do on tests, or what the latest national assessment said about the local schools, there’s always an opportunity to help individual students unlock more brain power.

To get started, or to learn more about our franchise opportunities, please contact us today. You can use the form below or give us a call at (719) 955-6708. We’ll gladly answer your questions and help you decide if a brain training center is the right fit for you.

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New Classroom This Semester?

With the spring semester well underway for schools all across the country, both students and teachers are settling into a routine. However, for those students and teachers who are in a new classroom, it can take a bit more time to get comfortable.

At LearningRx, we’re passionate about helping students of all ages improve their cognitive skills through our brain training programs. If you’re interested in opening an education franchise in your city, then contact us today!

As the Teacher

If you’re a teacher, then you’re hopefully excited for a new group of students this semester. You might be teaching the same subject matter as you did last semester, but you have a new batch of minds that are ready to learn. You may have taken time during the winter break to revamp some content or build off what was taught during the fall, and now you’re ready to help students discover more about the world around them.

You may have some students who have trouble keeping up with their classmates or who don’t seem to be understanding the content that you’re presenting. It can be beneficial to work with these students one-on-one, and you could suggest brain training for those who seem to have trouble focusing or understanding written or verbal instructions. This one-on-one time can also give you the opportunity to get to know a student better and understand their personality.

As the Student

If you’re a student who moved to a new town or transferred to a new school during the winter break, then a new classroom can be a very overwhelming place to be. You don’t know anyone in your class, and the teachers are all new to you as well. You may be relearning some things that you already covered at your previous school, or you may be encountering new subjects that you haven’t seen before. Whatever the case may be, the pressure to keep up with your classmates, along with the social pressure of assimilating to a new classroom, can be quite a lot to handle.

As a student, you can take ownership of your learning experience and help yourself achieve greater success with brain training programs. Check with your teachers or administrators to see if there is a LearningRx center in your community. You can also talk to your parents about getting help outside of school by working with a certified brain trainer.

At LearningRx, we’re proud to offer an alternative to traditional tutoring, and our programs have shown to have great results with students of all ages. If you’re a teacher who’s in a new classroom this semester, then we’d love to speak with you about how you can get involved in opening a brain training franchise in your community. If you’re a student, then we’d love to connect you with an established learning center near your school.

A new classroom can be both exciting and overwhelming, but with the right approach, everyone can have a great semester. Contact us today to learn more about our brain training programs!

Taking the Classroom Outside

At LearningRx, we’re all for finding better and more interesting ways for students to learn, and our brain training programs are designed to help people of all ages unlock greater cognitive power. A student works one-on-one with a brain trainer to develop better focus, memory, and processing skills that can help them both inside and outside the classroom.

[uxi_video id=”ET_eIE4Sx0Q” size=”1000″ type=”youtube” ratio=”16by9″ center=”true” related=”false”]

If you’re a teacher, then you’re likely always looking for new and interesting ways to engage with your students. If you’re a history teacher, you might reenact a famous scene from an ancient battle, and if you’re an English teacher, you might have students take turns reading lines from a Shakespearean play. Whatever the case may be, it’s good to shake things up once in awhile. One of the most fun ways to do this is by taking the classroom outside. The students can get out from behind the desk and have a chance to be in the sunshine and to interact with nature.

A Natural Setting

The outdoors provides a natural setting where you can hold a more informal class, no matter if you’re reading or looking for a particular type of insect. Students can sit on the grass or under a tree as you lecture, or they can explore their surroundings, learning more about the world around them. While the classroom provides structure, the outdoors loosens limitations a bit and can help students feel more at ease while learning. If you have students who are hesitant to speak up or participate in class, then changing the setting could give them more confidence to raise their hand or share their thoughts.

Get Students More Involved

Taking the classroom outside also gives you the chance to get students more involved in the learning process. You might set up interactive lessons where everyone has to move to certain “stations” or spots on the grass. You might divide the class into groups and have each group represent a different historical city or nation. Changing how the students view the lesson can help them remember more than just facts and figures — they become a part of the lesson and therefore feel more invested in the process.

If you’re a teacher, then why not consider taking your classroom outside every so often? It can be a great way to interact with students, get them more involved, and help them feel more excited about school. If you’d like to learn more about our brain training programs and how you can bring a new education franchise to your city, then please contact us right away. We’re always looking for passionate, dedicated people who want to help students unlock more brain power and gain more confidence.

To learn more about our franchise model or to simply ask a question, fill out the form below. A member of our team will respond as soon as possible, and you can find out if brain training is the right path for you.

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What Does the New Year Have in Store for You?

Even though 2019 is now a couple of weeks old, there’s still plenty of time to make goals and resolutions. If you’re an educator, then those goals may reflect your intentions for your classroom or whatever learning environment you’re involved in. At LearningRx, our brain training programs are designed to help students unlock greater cognitive potential, and we love meeting people who have a passion for helping students. If you’re wondering what the New Year has in store for you, then why not think about starting a brain training center in your town or city?

Reaching More Students

As a teacher, you want to impact the students in your classroom, as well as the ones you work with one-on-one during tutoring sessions. Our education curriculum can offer more than traditional tutoring does, since the focus is on helping the student use more of their brain, rather than recall facts and figures while trying to prepare for a test. As a LearningRx franchisee, you’ll be able to reach more students and work with them one-on-one, aiding them as they improve processing speed, memory, and other important cognitive skills.

Our team can help you decide where to open your learning center so that you have the opportunity to reach the greatest amount of students. If you’re already involved in your city’s educational system, then you likely already have the connections needed to generate interest in your brain training franchise. Even if you don’t have the connections, we can help you build a strategy that will push you towards making the ones you need.

Upcoming Events

At LearningRx, we’re always hosting events for those who are interested in discovering more about brain training and how they can open their own center. Our list of 2019 Events has something for everyone, and you can sign up for a webinar to find out if our franchise model is the right fit for you. We’ll also be hosting our annual LearningRx conventions in July. These are open to clinical licensees and franchisees only, but since it’s only January, you still have plenty of time to sign up and become a franchisee before July!

Our events take place from January to December, so if you can’t make one earlier in the year, don’t worry. There are plenty of opportunities to sign up for a webinar or a training session. If you have questions on top of what is provided during these events, then we’ll be more than happy to help!

If you’re excited about what The New Year has in store for you in terms of a new career path, then please contact us today. We’d love to speak with you about franchise opportunities and how you can bring brain training to students of all ages in your community. We’ll provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision for your future, and we’ll be there to support you as you make the transition into becoming a franchisee.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Do You Want to Start a Brain Training Franchise?

At LearningRx, we’re always thrilled when people contact us about starting a brain training franchise in their town or city. We love meeting people who have a passion for helping students of all ages unlock greater cognitive potential and achieve success both inside and outside the classroom.

If you’re interested in starting a learning center, then it’s important to consider what skills and knowledge you have that can be applied to this new endeavor. We’ve created a quick survey that can help you determine whether or not a LearningRx franchise is the right fit for you!

Networking and Marketing

With any new business, it will be imperative to make connections and market your new company. When it comes to brain training programs and your new education franchise, you’ll need to network with local schools and institutions so that they know that you exist. You’ll also have to market your new center so that people will see or hear about you when they’re browsing social media, watching TV, or reading the newspaper.

What Are Your Natural Tendencies?

You might have a natural tendency to be outgoing and personable when you meet people. If so, then sales could be a good fit for you, and when it comes to brain training, you will have to do some “selling,” especially when it comes to convincing people that it’s worth their time. When talking with principals or teachers, you’ll have to show them how our programs can benefit their students, and why it’s a better way to go than traditional tutoring or after-school assistance programs.

If you’re not as adept at selling, but you’re more of an administrator, then you’ll need to find people that can help sell your new franchise. You’re taking care of the behind-the-scenes work, while your staff is out there talking with people and finding students who could benefit from cognitive improvement curriculum.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Whichever way you tend to lean, either towards sales or towards administration, there are ways that you can set yourself up for success. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses is the first step, and hopefully our survey will help with that. You’ll also want to think about who you will hire to work at your brain training franchise and what they can bring to the business. Our support team is always happy to answer questions about hiring and training, and can provide assistance in areas where you’re not sure how to proceed.

If you’re thinking about opening your own LearningRx center, then please contact us right away. We’ll show you how our programs work and why investing in our franchise model can be a great way to launch a new career. We’ll provide you with free information on royalties, growth rate, and profitability, as well as profiles of some of our top performers around the country.

Fill out the form below and a member of our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!

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