LearningRx Frisco, TX Review: “an excellent cognitive training program”

Reviewed by: Lisa E.

This is an excellent cognitive training program. We came in the doors so frustrated with the hours it took to do homework and a terrible attitude about school. We are leaving so proud of the success our son has made. Learning RX provides a thorough program, clear goals, good communication and lots of encouragement. It was challenging to juggle school, Learning RX, sports activities, Boy Scouts and other things but we committed as a family to see this through to the end. We wanted our son to realize that if you give something 100% you will see success. The test results speak for themselves. He has a lot to be proud of and we look forward to his future successes. We couldn’t have done it without Learning RX. Thank you!

LearningRx Huntsville, TX Review: “worked so well that I enrolled myself”

Reviewed by: Charles F.

Awesome staff; from the admin and director to the trainers who work with the students. These folks are professional and also caring and engaged. Effective Program: The program was working so well for my son that I decided to enroll myself. As a 40 something adult male, I knew there were places that I had deficits. The post training test results showed across the board gains, averaging 20% in all areas. My GIA (IQ) score went up from 111 to 129, You can really tell the difference in your daily life and work. It’s an investment in your future. I totally recommend this center and this program.

LearningRx Raleigh, NC Review: “No longer frustrated day-to-day”

Reviewed by: Betsy F.

We’ve always known that our son was bright, but he was frustrated in third grade with executive functioning activities like bringing homework home, organizing the structure of his day’s activities, etc. He also had a hard time with timed math tests even though he knew all of his multiplication tables forwards and backwards. Through the assessments, we found that his deficits were in fact processing speed, short term memory and working memory. Through brain training, he was able make significant improvements in those areas (and others). He manages daily tasks like showering, brushing teeth, and homework independently and without being asked. He doesn’t have trouble with timed tests anymore either. He is no longer frustrated day-to-day (neither are his parents)!