LearningRx Sherman-Gainesville, TX Review: “she is a much happier child”

Reviewed by: Robin M.

Watching my daughter grow in abilities and confidence cannot be understated! The biggest area of improvement has been logic and reasoning—-this has improved not only her life, but the entire family’s! Her anxiety has greatly decreased and her coping mechanisms are much more effective now that she can make sense of the world around her! She is a much happier child, and that is priceless. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!

LearningRx Marlboro, NJ Review: “What a great experience!”

Reviewed by: Christin C.

Wow, what a great experience! My son made significant progress at school, his grades have gone up and his attention and focus have noticeably improved. He is much more confident and engaged both at home and at school! We are so proud of him but better than that, he is proud of himself. He worked really hard over the past few months and kept at it because the program and his trainer were so motivating!