A Brain Training Franchise for Your Retirement?

It is often said that a great teacher never stops learning, and the passion for sharing the knowledge they’ve learned is something that never truly goes away, even after retirement. If you’ve been a teacher for many years, or taught in the local schools and then became a principal or administrator, your heart lies with students and helping shape young minds. When you retire from your career, you may be searching for something that lets you continue working with students, but in a different context. With a LearningRx brain training franchise, you can continue to impact students and help them find success in the classroom and beyond.

Franchisees of All Ages

Opening a franchise doesn’t have to be something you wait to do until you retire. At LearningRx, we’ve worked with people of all ages who are looking to supplement their primary income with something that positively impacts their community. You might be near to retiring from teaching, you might be a teacher who is in the initial stages of his or her career, or you might not be a teacher at all! People with various backgrounds and career experience have found success with a brain training franchise.

Our territory and support teams will help you outline the best location and approach for your franchise, and give you the greatest opportunity to succeed. You might not be teaching in the local schools any more, but you can still meet students and give them the greatest opportunity to become better learners and find the confidence they need to do amazing things both now and in the future.