An Alternative to a Traditional Tutoring Franchise

As the parent of school-aged children, you’ve watched them succeed and you’ve watched them struggle. As they’ve grown, you’ve tried to help them with newer and tougher assignments, but even you weren’t able to comprehend all that the homework asked. If you’ve grown more and more frustrated as your child became frustrated, you may have considered turning to a tutoring franchise for help. While the tutoring may help your son or daughter retain facts for a test or assignment, they can still have the same classroom struggles and challenges as before. At LearningRx, we provide an alternative to traditional tutoring, and as a franchisee, you can provide parents with options that you may not have found when looking for a local learning center.

Our brain training programs are designed to target weak cognitive skills, not just make students better at recalling information when needed. When you open a new location in your town or city, you’ll be able to offer parents and students a different approach to overcoming classroom struggles, and children will find the confidence they need to complete assignments on time and participate in activities.

LearningRx doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach, as certain tutoring franchises can do. We’ve developed individual programs that focus on certain cognitive skills, allowing you to create a unique plan for every student that comes to your location. Also, our programs aren’t just designed for those in elementary or middle school, they can also benefit college students and adults that struggle with focus or memory. Contact us today for more information!