Brain Training Programs for Preschoolers

When a child is ready to enter preschool, parents may not be thinking too much about their academic success, but helping a student begin their school years properly can go a long way in future academic achievement. With LearningRx’s brain training programs through a local franchise, preschoolers can be better prepared not only for their first year of school, but the years of elementary schooling that follow.

We’ve spoken before about our LiftOff program, and how preschoolers and kindergartners can improve their cognitive skills, even at such a young age. The chart below shows how much improvement a 5 1/2 year-old student can have through our brain training methods, including improved long-term memory and processing speed. If your youngster is hesitant to engage in classroom activities, cognitive enhancement can help them discover more confidence and grasp concepts more easily.


As a LearningRx franchise owner, you’ll be able to provide preschoolers and other young students with the tools they need to begin their academic careers on the right path. Getting the best start they can go a long way, even if the results don’t manifest themselves until later in life, such as in middle or high school. A student that can read at a younger age will be able to build on that skill throughout their life, improving their comprehension as they move through their school years and into a career.

To learn how you can start your own franchise and offer outstanding brain training programs, please contact us today. You’ll love seeing young minds open up and discover an entirely new world of possibilities!