Brain Training Programs for Seven Cognitive Skills

Brain training programs are becoming more and more popular around the country, and LearningRx is proud to be poised as a leader in what will be the next “trillion dollar industry.” As of right now, we are the only ones that focus our brain training on all seven cognitive skills, which are:

  • Attention
  • Working Memory
  • Executive Function
  • Logic and Reasoning
  • Visual Processing
  • Auditory Processing
  • Long Term Memory

While other tutoring and education centers may focus on one or several of these cognitive skills (especially when a student shows a significant lack in a few of them), LearningRx has created programs that help a person improve all seven. We understand that students may be stronger in certain areas than others, but by creating a comprehensive approach, brainpower and IQ can be boosted in greater ways, helping eliminate those trouble spots in a student’s comprehension and learning power. When you start a brain training franchise in your community, you’ll be bringing this comprehensive approach to interested parents and students, providing them with effective solutions instead of simply bolstering their knowledge in a certain subject.

Through the brain training programs at your LearningRx franchise, you can help people of all ages improve on all seven cognitive skills. At our various locations around the country, we’ve seen college students achieve greater success, senior adults improve their memory, and those that had suffered a brain injury regain their processing and functional skills. One-on-one brain training offers better results than a traditional tutoring franchise, and we know you’ll quickly see the success your location will have. Contact us today for more information!