Brain Training Teaches Skills That Last

Unlike traditional tutoring, where information is taught for a specific task such as a project or a test, brain training is designed to teach skills that are retained. Students often “cram” for a test, hoping to learn as much as they can before the exam, but often forget the facts as soon as the test is over. At LearningRx, our goal is to help students unlock greater cognitive potential, making them better learners, instead of just better test-takers. As a franchisee, you’ll be providing brain training programs that teach students how to call upon more of their memory, improve logic and reasoning, increase their reading comprehension, and more.

When you open your franchise location, no matter where it is, you’ll most likely have parents and students that come in looking for a “quick-fix” tutoring solution. This will give you an opportunity to explain our one-on-one approach, and how our programs provide greater classroom success every day of the year, not just on test days. When we looked at student retention rates following one year of working with a LearningRx tutor, we saw outstanding resultsĀ in several cognitive areas, including processing speed, short-term memory, and logic and reasoning.

If you’re interested in helping students of all ages improve their cognitive skills, and retain those skills over the course of their academic career, as well as their life, contact us today. We’ll explain how you can begin the brain training franchise process, what the foundation of our curriculum is, and how you can be successful in this new endeavor. We look forward to speaking with you!