Conventional Tutoring Does Not Always Work

When a child fails to reach their academic goals the first thought that parent have is to hire a tutor to help. As parents we hate to see our children struggle with school so we believe that the tutor is the perfect solution. Unfortunately, conventional tutoring methods do not always work. Some children may lack the necessary mental skills to grasp certain concepts. This is not to say that a child is in anyway “different” it just means that their ability to learn is not fully formed. This is where brain training programs from LearningRx can help your child excel.

Conventional tutoring consists of individuals that will help teach children specific subject skills that they will need to complete their homework. Tutors can help clarify abstract ideas as well as teach the student better study habits. A tutor will work individually with your child but will not be able to help their brains retain information. Unfortunately this means that once the test has been completed or the semester has ended, the student may not remember his or her lessons. When the next school year rolls around the same road blocks will pop back into play. This is where brain training programs will differ from conventional tutoring.

Brain training programs from LearningRx will help a child discover their weak areas of cognition, and will work to improve brain function! When the problem areas have been identified, different learning and training techniques will focus on strengthening the underlying neural connections within the brain. When the children complete these brain training programs they are actually generating new connections within their brains that will increase the once weak mental skills! This is why brain training programs are more advanced than conventional tutoring methods!

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