Create a Place Students Want to Be

dreamstime_6082183When a parent signs their child up for academic tutoring, their first thought may be that it will be a struggle to get their son or daughter to attend regularly or to be engaged with the tutor during sessions. While we understand the parent’s point of view, we also understand that the student may also see tutoring as simply more school. The student may be struggling in class, but unless the tutoring is fun and engaging, it might be difficult for them to be excited about going every day. At LearningRx, we’ve worked hard to create brain training programs that students love doing and an atmosphere that they love being in.

Your Role in Creating a Fun Atmosphere

As a franchisee, you’ll be able to create a place that inspires and encourages students, and where they love to come to meet with their individual brain trainer. You’ll also be able to offer hours that work better for each student’s schedule, so if they have sports or activities after school, they won’t have to miss them in order to be at tutoring on time. Also, our programs are not a method for simply remembering facts and regurgitating information – they’re designed to improve cognitive skills and make each student a better learner.

When you open your learning center, you’ll be directly involved in setting up the space, creating the atmosphere, and devising the best way to reach students who could benefit from brain training. To learn more about our franchise process, and to see why LearningRx is so much fun, contact us today!