Effective Math Tutoring for Beginning and Advanced Levels

If you’re a teacher or school administrator, you’ve seen students of all kinds come through the halls. You’ve recognized the scholastic potential of all of them, and also noticed those that need a bit of extra time in the classroom. One subject that can really hamper a student’s academic progress is mathematics, and without the proper guidance and tutoring, a child may feel that they’ll never grasp those difficult math concepts. At LearningRx, we are more than just a tutoring franchise, and our Math program is designed to help students┬álearn numerical fluency, number sense, and achieve overall success.

As a teacher that’s seen children struggle with math, you might be wondering what approaches could be more effective at teaching a student how to better understand numbers and mathematical theories. By building on the foundation of our ThinkRx program, our MathRx program focuses on logic and reasoning, calculation speed, and math-specific skills. Brain training teaches a student not how to remember multiplication tables, but instead how to develop the skills necessary to tackle both beginner and advanced math concepts. A student will understand how to build a strong foundation in math, learning the fundamentals and then building from there.

As a LearningRx franchisee, you will be providing students with the space and the programs to achieve more in math class and allow them to put those skills to use once they’re out of school. Instead of struggling to understand even the most basic math problems, they will be able to unlock the brainpower necessary to compute numbers quickly, logically solve a word problem, and grow in their appreciation of mathematics.