Enhance a Student’s Visual Processing

There are some people in the world that are able to look at something once and remember what it looks like whenever asked. They can describe the item, how big or small it is, and what color it is. This also enables them to complete visual tasks, such as word problems and reading comprehension. If a student’s visual processing is one of their weaker cognitive skills, they could have trouble remembering what they read, navigating a map or maze, or completing word problems. As a LearningRx franchisee, the brain training programs that you provide to the community will help enhance a student’s visual processing skills.

If a student has trouble visually processing something, they could fall behind the rest of the class, or feel self-conscious when called on to give an answer regarding something they’ve just read. During games and activities, if the teacher acts out the directions or instructions, they may have trouble recalling the steps, even after seeing them demonstrated multiple times. With LearningRx’s programs, visual processing can be strengthened and a student’s confidence bolstered.

Whatever the student’s age, our brain training programs can help. We have curriculum for students of every age, and once they’ve completed the cognitive skills assessment at your learning center, you’ll have a better understanding of what skills need to be strengthened. Before long, their visual processing speed will be improved, and their comprehension will be enhanced. Call us today to learn how you can start your own brain training franchise and help students improve all of their cognitive skills!