Focus on Long-Term Memory with Our Brain Training Programs

Certain people often admit that they have a hard time remembering things, no matter how many times they read or see something. While someone may have an easy time recalling short-term memories, pulling something from their long-term memory can sometimes be a challenge. At LearningRx, our brain training programs focus on seven cognitive skills, one of which is long-term memory. Unlike short-term memory, which relies primarily on acoustic and visual information, long-term memory encodes information through meaning and association, grouping neurons into a network that retains that information. Short-term memory is converted to long-term through a process known as memory consolidation.

When you attempt to recall a long-term memory, the neurons communicate through their synapses to bring the information to mind. When you open a LearningRx franchise, you can provide people with the tools necessary to make their long-term memory work better. It’s important to keep those synaptic connections strengthened, since “forgetting” is often due to the weakening of neural connections in the brain, or when a new neural network is activated and interferes with the old one.

There is still a lot to be understood about long-term memory and how it works, and it’s possible that you could “know” an indefinite number of things. Our brain training programs are designed to help a person make the most of their long-term memory, so if this is something that interests you, contact us right away to learn how you can open a franchise in your community. We look forward to hearing from you!