Forge a New Path with Brain Training Programs

Choosing to start a new career is a major decision, especially if you’ve been in the same field or industry for many years. Perhaps you’ve started a few businesses and either didn’t find success, or were able to see them grow and eventually sell them to new owners. Regardless of the circumstances, forging a new career path takes dedication and confidence, and LearningRx is the perfect choice for the business-minded individual. Our brain training programs are unlike any other class or curriculum, and bringing them to your community can make a vast difference.

Everyone that is starting a new career will have questions about the rate of success and earning potential in their new field, and cognitive enhancement is no different. When exploring a franchise system, certain questions will come up, such as the amount of support you will receive from the franchisor, and how soon you’ll be able to open your own location. The LearningRx team will supply you with everything you need and more, and will gladly explain how much you can earn and what the timetable looks like for your first day of operation.

Once you complete the Request for Consideration, we will contact you to schedule an introductory phone call. After that, we will begin the franchise award process with you, and hopefully before long, you’ll have your very own LearningRx franchise! With brain training programs for all ages, you’ll see that beginning this new career path was the right choice, and you’ll enjoy great success for many years.