Helping Students Who Are Starting Classes at a New School

If you moved several times as a child, you know how exciting but nerve-wracking it could be to go to a new school. You didn’t know anybody, and all of the other kids stared at you as you entered the classroom for the first time. The teacher may have read your name aloud (most likely incorrectly, depending on the complexity of your name), and you tried not to turn red as the kids in the back snickered at you. At LearningRx, our franchisees understand how to help every student find success, even if they’re starting classes at a new school in the near future.

Improving Group-Oriented Skills

One challenge new students face is integrating themselves into group activities. They might be given a task, but they’re unable to focus or remember directions, and their failure leads to further embarrassment and criticism from classmates. With our brain training programs, students can improve cognitive skills such as attention and memory, and feel more confident when entering a new classroom and taking on their first group activities. As a franchisee, you’ll be able to help them transition into their new school, and continue the academic success they foundĀ in their previous school.

If you’re interested in brain training, or you understand the plight that new students face, contact us today to discuss our franchise model and application process. We’ll help you open a learning center in a prime location, and show you how you can attract students who might be new in town, as well as those who have lived in the community their entire lives.