Improve Job Performance at a LearningRx Franchise

Falling behind at work can be caused by several factors, such as a lack of focus, stress outside the office, and an overabundance or poor distribution of tasks. You want to perform well at your job, but if you’ve noticed that you can’t concentrate or that certain information seems to be too difficult to understand, brain training might be exactly what you need. At LearningRx, our learning centers offer more than a traditional tutoring franchise, and we can help people use more of their brain at work and at home.

As a franchise owner, you can provide adults that struggle with memory and processing speed the opportunity to improve their cognitive skills and keep up with the demands of their job. Some might think that brain training is only for students taking classes, but we’ve seen outstanding results in people of all ages. If your job requires that a person performs calculations for a majority of the day, our programs can help them increase their calculating speed, while eliminating mistakes that might cause issues with a finished product or research project. If organization is a weak point for someone, LearningRx can aid them in improving logic and reasoning, helping them plan out their day so they can be the most productive.

If you would love to help people improve their job performance and be more efficient and productive at the office, contact LearningRx today. We’ll gladly speak with you about starting a location in your area, and how you can offer more than just a tutoring franchise to your community.