Keep Your Mind Sharp During Vacation

The year is only a couple of months old, but your mind might already be turning to where you’re going to go for vacation (or spring break). Time away from school or work can be very beneficial, as you refresh your mind and body and enjoy those activities you love to do. You might head to the beach or the mountains, but wherever you go, there are ways you can keep your brain sharp even while you’re away from the office or classroom. At LearningRx, we offer exceptional brain training programs, and as a franchisee, you can provide students of all ages with access to these programs and improved cognitive function.

Reading for Pleasure

dreamstime_xxl_27375792If you’re in school, you’ve most likely done quite a bit of reading for classwork and assignments, but reading for pleasure can be a great activity to do on vacation. You can bring a few books with you and read them while you sit on the beach, or get in a few chapters before you go to sleep. The best thing about reading for pleasure is you can put the book down whenever you want, and not worry about finishing a section or chapter by a certain time!

Puzzles and Card Games

Puzzles are a great way to keep your brain engaged, so one of your daily tasks might be completing a crossword, either in the newspaper or online.. If you’re having a paper delivered to your hotel room each morning, take 20 minutes while you drink your coffee and eat your omelette to do that day’s puzzle. If you’re taking a family vacation, consider bringing a few decks of cards with you and playing some games at the end of a long day. It’s a great way to unwind and enjoy some downtime after a day of skiing or swimming. It’s also a great way to teach your kids the card games you played when you were their age.

Preventing Brain Drain

dreamstime_xxl_15540874If you or your children have been in school for a few months, there’s always the worry of “brain drain” during vacation. Parents can be concerned about their children losing ground on the math and reading skills they’ve gained, and designing fun games and activities can keep their brains sharp while not making it feel like school. If you have high schoolers who need to prepare for college entrance exams, think of how you can encourage them to study, even if it’s only a little, during vacation.

There are many ways to keep the brain engaged during vacation, and with a little time and effort, you can keep your mind sharp even while you’re soaking up the sun. If you’re interested in brain training, or you want to know more about our franchise opportunities, please contact us right away. We’ll gladly answer your questions, explain how our programs work, and let you know how you can begin the franchisee process.

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