LearningRx Didn’t Happen Overnight

At LearningRx, we understand that it takes time to accomplish one’s goals, and that no one finds success overnight. This is true whether you’re going to school, starting a business, or opening a brain training education franchise. This is why we’ve designed our programs to help students over a prolonged period of time, building solid cognitive skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Their journey starts when they visit your new location, just as our journey started over 40 years ago.

Our founder, Dr. Ken Gibson, opened his first pediatric optometry clinic in 1968, hoping to help children with learning and reading problems improve through vision correction. He soon found that poor vision wasn’t the cause of learning challenges, and four years later, in 1972, he opened his first preschool that included teaching machines, sensory-motor training, and an in-depth reading program. Over the next 40 years, those programs served as the basis for our brain training research and led to the founding of LearningRx. Franchisees all across the country are now part of that history, and can draw on our experience to build better programs and enable students to find the success that they are seeking.

People of all ages can benefit from brain training, and when you open your education franchise, you’ll be providing them access to programs that are built on a solid foundation of research and examination. To learn how you can open your own franchise, or simply to gather more information about who we are and what we do, please contact us today!