Open Your Education Franchise This Year

Every year, people encounter new opportunities and challenges, and how they approach those encounters will determine how their year unfolds. If you’re a teacher or administrator, or perhaps a businessperson or entrepreneur, an education franchise could be the perfect opportunity for you. You may be feeling overwhelmed in your current job, or simply ready for something new, and at LearningRx, we’re always excited to meet people who are looking for something new that will benefit students of all ages in their community.

With our brain training programs, you will be providing students with new opportunities to unlock cognitive potential and find greater success in the classroom. Our curriculum can help first grade students that are struggling with reading, as well as college students that are preparing for mid-term or final exams. Our programs are based off of years of research, and our one-on-one approach allows students to work with the same trainer every time and progress at a positive rate. Unlike traditional academic tutoring, brain training focuses on cognitive skills, not merely information retention. You’ll be helping students access more brainpower, not just prepare for upcoming tests and assignments.

If you’re ready for a new opportunity that will be both challenging and rewarding, please contact us today. We’ll discuss your franchise options, our territories, and what the process is for opening your own brain training center. If all goes well and you’re approved as a franchisee, your education franchise location could be open before 2016 is over, and you’ll be enjoying your new career!