Preparing for the New Year

Every new year brings new challenges, and as a LearningRx franchisee, there are things that you can do to prepare for another 365 days of brain training, encouragement, and success for both your students and your staff. If you’re still contemplating whether or not you want to open a brain training franchise in your community, a new year is a great time to make that decision and get started once the calendar changes. Our support staff would love to speak with you about the opportunities for a learning center in your city. In this blog, we’ll cover some of the things you can do to a franchisee to prepare for 2017, and if you’re not yet a franchisee, what you can do to get ready to begin the LearningRx journey.

Do You Need to Rethink Your Space?

Each brain training center is unique, and the building in which it’s located can dictate how the space is utilized for each one-on-one tutoring session, staff meeting, and open house. If you set up your space in a certain way when you opened, but have found that it’s not as conducive as you’d hoped, the New Year is a great time to rethink how everything is set up. You’ll most likely have a few days if not longer when not very many students are visiting the center, so disrupting the learning space won’t be an issue.

Do You Need to Hire More Staff?

We hope that your franchise has seen growth and success during 2016, and it might be necessary to bring on more people for the next calendar year. You may also have people who want or need to move onto another career, and the beginning of the year can be a great time to bring in new people and help them get integrated into how things are done in your learning center.

Do You Want to Start a New Career?

This question is more for those who are still debating about whether or not a LearningRx center is the right path for them, but if you’ve been contemplating a career change during 2016, then the New Year could be the perfect time to take that step. Our franchise support and territory teams will help you find the perfect location for your new brain training center, and give you all the resources you need to hit the ground running in 2017.

Do You Want to Help Kids Succeed?

This question is for both those who currently own and operate a franchise, and those who are just getting their feet wet with the idea of opening a franchise. If your passion is helping kids succeed and find greater opportunities during their school years and after they graduate, then a brain training franchise could be the perfect fit. What can you do in 2017 to help the students in your community increase their brainpower, participate more in class, and become a leader in their school?

The New Year will be here before you know it. Contact us today to learn more about our franchise opportunities!