Provide a Perfect After-School Program

Families today are busier than ever, and parents are always looking for after-school programs that their children can attend while mom or dad finishes work for the day. When school lets out at 3:00pm and work doesn’t end until 5:00 or 6:00pm, kids need somewhere to go. They may have sports or activities at school, but for those who don’t, they need a positive and constructive atmosphere where they can continue to learn and grow. As a LearningRx franchisee, you can provide the perfect after-school program, complete with brain training, encouragement, and a fun atmosphere.

dreamstime_xxl_59960693A Safe Space for Kids

Parents want to know that wherever their kids are, they’re safe. When you open a LearningRx location, you can meet the parents of the kids who will be enrolling in your brain training programs, and the parents can meet your staff and see the location where their little ones will be coming multiple days a week. Instead of worrying about their kids walking home by themselves or getting into mischief with their friends after school, mom or dad will know that their son or daughter is improving their cognitive skills and increasing their brainpower.

A Dedicated Brain Trainer

Each student, no matter their age, is matched with a dedicated brain trainer who works with them one-on-one every time. This provides an opportunity for the child to form a positive relationship with their trainer, and the trainer can continue to work with them throughout their school years. With many academic tutoring programs, tutors may come and go, and your child may not work with the same person week to week. An after-school brain training program can also be a better and more affordable alternative to hiring a babysitter for a few hours each weekday, or paying for daycare on a monthly basis. Instead of asking your neighbors or parents to watch your child every day, give your little one the opportunity to work on their cognitive skills!

Balancing Learning and Fun

dreamstime_4771241At LearningRx, we strive to make our brain training programs fun as well as educational. We know that many kids want to go home and watch TV or play video games after school, and by scheduling cognitive training two or three days a week, you can balance learning and the fun they want to have. Monday and Wednesday, they can come to their local LearningRx location, and on Tuesday and Thursday they can go home or to a friend’s house to play. Friday can be a special day where you spend time with them and talk about what they learned over the course of the week, and how they’re feeling about brain training.

If you’re interested in opening a franchise location, or you know parents who are always searching for something for their kids to do after school, contact us today. We would love to speak with you about opening a LearningRx center in your community, and how it can impact the families who live there.