Take a Look at Your Community’s Demographics

When you’re doing research on franchises, you most likely take a look at their numbers, such as fees, return on investment (ROI), and what it will cost to open your own location. At LearningRx, we’ll gladly provide you with all of that information, but while fees, ROI, and start-up costs are important, it’s equally important to do your research on the community in which you live. What’s the main demographic of your town or city? Are there several families with young students that could benefit from brain training programs? Is there a college or university nearby that would provide adequate clientele for your brain training franchise?

These are two important questions to ask, and there are many more. By gaining a better picture of who it is you would be serving, you can make the decision on whether or not a brain training center is right for your community. There might be traditional tutoring centers that are already established, but how can you reach both students and adults with the LearningRx model? We’ll walk you through the franchise process, and let you know if a LearningRx center already exists near your location.

If you have questions about our brain training franchise model, or what our success rate is, please contact us right away. We also hope that you will do your demographic research on your own, and gain a better understanding of how you can serve your town or city with exceptional brain training programs. We look forward to speaking with you!