Tried Tutoring? Now Try Brain Training

As the parent of an elementary student, you want to be sure that your child starts every school year off well. Since they’re at the beginning of their academic career, it’s important that they have a solid educational foundation moving forward. If their teachers tell you during parent-teacher conferences that your child seems to be falling behind, or hasn’t done so well on tests and assignments, your first thought might be to hire a tutor. While traditional tutoring can be beneficial, LearningRx’s brain training programs can help your child improve their cognitive potential, instead of only helping them retain information for a test.

It’s also possible that you’ve tried tutoring, and found that either your child’s grades and classroom participation didn’t improve, that the tutoring service wasn’t able to keep to a schedule, or that they didn’t offer the subject you wanted your child to study. Taking time out of your day and your child’s day to go to a learning center, only to come away disappointed, can be disheartening. At LearningRx, we’ve developed effective educational tools that go beyond traditional tutoring and make your child’s brain work faster and better.

If you’ve tried tutoring for your child, but came away disappointed, give brain training a chance. We have programs for every age level, so no matter what grade your child is in. Our education franchises are located all across the country, and we can help you find the closest one to you. If there isn’t one, we’ll gladly speak with you about how you can start one of your own!