Turn Your Love of Teaching into a New Career

At LearningRx, we believe that teachers are perhaps the most important people in the world. They’re responsible not just for helping students learn information, but guiding children to better ways of asking questions, finding answers, and understanding the world around them. If you are a teacher or have been one in the past, take that passion and turn it into a new career with brain training programs and an education franchise in your town or city.

Retiring from teaching is quite the lifestyle change, as you have been used to new students and new faces each year, and seeing how the children progress over the course of the semesters. Being away from that can be difficult, and opening a LearningRx franchise allows you to engage once more with young minds that want to improve their cognitive abilities and achieve greater success in the classroom. Whether you were an elementary, middle school, or high school teacher, or if you taught at the college level, you can find fulfillment and new challenges with an education franchise.

It could be said that one never truly retires from teaching, and if you feel that you want to meet students that are striving for greater things, and help those that have encountered difficulty in the classroom, contact us today. With our brain training programs and franchise model, you can begin a new career in no time at all. You’ll always have the passion for seeing young minds grow and learn, and we want to give you countless opportunities to help them.