We Want to Reach As Many Students As Possible

LearningRx’s mission is to put brain training and cognitive enhancement tools within reach of as many students as possible. We do that by helping success-minded individuals start brain training franchises all across the country. With over 70 learning centers in over 20 states across the country, we’ve gotten a good start on that mission. We love to hear from people that are interested in providing these programs to their community, because that means we’re reaching more students and impacting more lives.

LearningRx has brain training centers from New Jersey to California, and has plans to open more locations very soon. These education franchises are open because business owners, teachers, and parents had the courage to take the first step and contact us about what it takes to open a location of their own. Our team is always ready to provide information and support to interested parties, and after the application process and due diligence, we hope that everyone that contacts us will be opening a new LearningRx location. We understand that it might be a bit intimidating to branch out on this new career path, but we know that if you are truly interested, success will find you.

We’re always looking to expand our presence near schools and universities, and we’re excited whenever we get the opportunity to make a difference in a student’s life. That difference happens when a new franchise location opens, and the director is someone that is dedicated, as we are, to helping people find better ways to use their brain. Contact us today for more information!