What People Can Expect From Your Education Franchise

When you set up a LearningRx education franchise in your area, your first priority is going to be to attract interested people. We set up our territories with a buffer zone that’s geared towards boosting your visibility as a franchisee, and that doesn’t encroach on other franchisee territories. We want to make sure that there’s a diverse range of demographics in your territory, and that people of all ages will have access to brain training programs. While this is essential to setting you up for success, you also need to be equipped with information that you can pass on to the public.

People most likely won’t be interested in driving too far to reach your franchise location, so having a prime spot with a good population radius is key. Letting the public know that you’re only a few minutes away is a great method for attracting customers. We’ll help you find that perfect location, but even if people know where you are and that it’s near their home, they’re still going to want to know what brain training is all about. If someone calls or stops in to learn more, you can provide them with ourĀ Cognitive Skills Assessment that will help determine which program is right for them.

At LearningRx, we want to set you up for success, and help you attract people that want to boost their brainpower. By having a prime location for your education franchise, and providing the public with pertinent and helpful information, people will know what to expect from your programs, and that you offer the very best in brain training exercises.