Why Open a Brain Training Franchise Location?

Brain Training Programs from LearningRxNo matter what age you are, starting a new career path can be intimidating. At LearningRx, we’ve met franchisees from all walks of life and who have had all types of experiences. Every person brings something unique to his or her new brain training franchise, and it’s that individual perspective that creates the perfect learning environment for students who want to improve their cognitive skills. Our franchisees have children of their own, or they’ve spoken with other parents whose school-aged children haven’t found the success they needed with traditional academic tutoring.

The Reasons Why

As they learn more about our brain training programs and the success that our franchise model has established, franchisees discover more reasons why they should open a new learning center. Here are a few:

  • Establishing strong cognitive skills from an early age: Our programs, such as LiftOff, provide the brain training early learners need to establish strong reading skills, processing speed, memory, and logic and reasoning.
  • An alternative to traditional tutoring: Traditional after-school tutoring programs and learning centers often focus on only one subject or retaining information; LearningRx focuses on improving the overall power of the brain.
  • Strengthening a community of students: By establishing a central location that can serve a large demographic of students both young and old, your brain training franchise will strengthen the community as a whole, boosting confidence levels, as well as test scores.

The goal of our programs is not to simply help students do better on tests, but to process information more quickly and effectively. Recalling facts for a test can be helpful, but teaching a student how to learn better will prepare them for anything they encounter in life. Call today to learn more!