Help Students Overcome Embarrassment in the Classroom

For young students, it can be embarrassing to be called on in class to read out loud and not be able to sound out certain words or form complete sentences. Teachers are usually aware of which students have trouble reading in class, and may not call on them as often in order to save them from embarrassment, but this can make the child feel like they aren’t allowed to participate as much as others. When you open a LearningRx brain training franchise in your community, you’ll provide programs that enable students to strengthen their reading and comprehension skills and overcome embarrassment in the classroom.

Students that struggle with reading can often feel like they’ll never get the hang of it, but with our brain training programs, they can improve the cognitive skills that help with comprehension and memory. A child may have encountered a word before on its own, but when they read it in a sentence, they forget how to pronounce it or what the word means. With one-on-one brain training, they can boost their reading skills and better understand phonetic and contextual rules, ultimately making them a better reader.

If you’re interested in opening a franchise of your own, and helping students become stronger readers, please contact us right away. We’re always ready to discuss our award process and how much you can make as a franchisee. Above all, we want you to be passionate about helping students of all ages improve their cognitive skills and find greater success in the classroom!

Why Choose Brain Training Over Tutoring?

Many parents that come to a LearningRx center want to know why they should choose brain training over traditional academic tutoring. As a franchise owner, it’s important that you’re able to provide the answers to their questions. For some students, the reason they don’t have the information they need or can’t remember the necessary steps to a solving a problem is that they were gone from class due to illness, or the regular teacher was gone for an extended period of time and the material was presented in a different way by a substitute. In those instances, tutoring can help a child catch up or make up work that was missed. If the student is struggling in several classes, or seems to exhibit the same attention or memory problems in different situations, brain training may be the better choice.

Our brain training programs target the weak cognitive skills that could be keeping a student from realizing their full potential and grasping new information when it is presented. It’s possible for a parent to think or hope that their child is simply “going through a phase,” and may outgrow these learning challenges, but unless the root issue is addressed at a cognitive level, these challenges will stay with them throughout their school years and even into adulthood. Tutoring can help them remember certain bits of information, but brain training will help them unlock greater cognitive potential.

When you open your LearningRx franchise, you’ll have both believers and skeptics that come to your location. When a parent asks you why our programs are better than traditional tutoring, you’ll be able to give them the answer!

A Personal Trainer For The Brain

You’ve heard us speak before about how our programs are like barbells for the brain. While physical fitness analogies provide a good context for brain training, there’s often much more to it than just giving your brain a workout. When you open your LearningRx franchise, you’ll be giving students access to a personal trainer for their brain, with specifically designed programs administered by a person that challenges and encourages them.

The one-on-one interaction of the brain trainer and the student is what makes LearningRx unique. Parents have seen all kinds of online tutoring advertisements and promos for digital brain training exercises, but your physical learning center location gives them a place where they can bring their child, and that child can form a relationship with their individual instructor. As the franchisee, you’ll be able to hire trainers and instructors that you know will work well with children and that will truly become a part of their lives. Over time, you’ll see the positive impact that they have on the students, and the progress that each child makes.

A personal trainer for the brain means that each person that comes to your education franchise will receive the individual attention they need to improve their cognitive abilities. As with a physical workout, there will be both successes and failures, but with a focus on confidence, attitude, and results, every student will be able to unlock more of their brainpower and experience greater achievements in the classroom and in life in general. We look forward to speaking with you!

You Can Help Build Better Learners

There are many beliefs out there about how much of their brain a person actually uses, whether or not someone is a “visual” or “auditory” learner, and whether or not there are truly “left-brained” and “right-brained” people. Numerous studies have tried to prove or refute these beliefs, and speculation remains around a vast number of them. At LearningRx, our mission is to improve a person’s cognitive skills and make them better learners, not hone in on a preconceived notion that they can only learn or process in a certain way.

One idea that you may encounter when you open your education franchise is that the brains of males are different from those of females, and therefore they learn and process information differently. While physiological differences do exist, there is no current research that shows gender-specific differences in how neurons become connected when a student learns a new skill. This misconception has led some to believe that a certain male or female student will only be able to learn in a particular way, which can keep them from discovering their true cognitive potential.

To read more about beliefs that some people hold regarding the brain, take a look at “Five Common Myths about the Brain” in “How to Build a Better Learner,” by Gary Stix, originally published in Scientific American. To find out more about opening your own LearningRx education franchise, contact us today. We’d love to speak with you about how you can build better learners in your community!

Brain Training for Gifted Students

When people think about academic tutoring or brain training exercises, their first thought may be about students that struggle in class or have trouble completing assignments. While LearningRx’s programs are designed to help students overcome classroom challenges and develop stronger cognitive skills, they can also benefit students that are enrolled in gifted or advanced classes.

Many times, a gifted student doesn’t feel challenged in a traditional classroom setting, or finishes their work long before anyone else, and this can make them feel ostracized or different from the other children. With our brain training programs, these students can focus on strengthening areas where they may need some improvement, such as auditory processing or memory, while improving those areas that are already well-developed, such as logic and reasoning or sustained attention. Our curriculum can provide challenges that they don’t encounter in the classroom, as well as the one-on-one time that most teachers can’t provide during a busy school day.

Brain training shouldn’t be perceived as a tool only for students that struggle. LearningRx’s programs were developed to help students of all ages and all ability levels. A gifted student may become lazy or apathetic about schoolwork, simply because it doesn’t interest them or demand a complete effort. When you open a learning center in your community, you’ll be able to engage with gifted and advanced students, and give them something to strive toward that piques their interest and pushes them to work hard every single day. Contact us today for more information on starting your franchise!

Show Students How They’re Improving

When you open a LearningRx education franchise in your community, you’re doing so in order to help students improve their cognitive skills, do better in the classroom, and have higher overall confidence. When a student first comes to your learning center, they will take a comprehensive Cognitive Skills Assessment, to show what areas they need to focus on and where the most attention should be paid. However, after that initial test, you want to be able to show the student and their parents what improvements they’ve made after completing certain stages of our brain training programs.

The scores that you can present to a student come in three forms:

  • Age Equivalent Scores – These show how a student compares with others of their same age, and up to age 16, will indicate where they rank among the average scores.
  • Standard Scores – These scores show how far above or below average the student score falls. We use a common IQ score, with 100 being the average
  • Percentile Scores – These scores show how a student ranks among 100 of their peers. If a student is in a lower percentile when they start, and then move up after a few months of brain training, they will essentially “move up in line” among those 100 peers. Percentiles present a clearer picture of progress than percentages, and that’s why we choose to use this scoring method.

If you want to see students succeed and improve their cognitive skills, contact LearningRx today. We’ll explain how you can start your own education franchise and give students access to opportunities that might not have had.

Brain Training Programs Help With Processing Speed

There are always going to be tasks and projects that take a student longer to complete, especially those that involve multiple, complex steps. However, if as a parent or teacher, you’ve noticed that a student takes a long time to complete any task, no matter how simple or complex it may be, it could be due to a weaker cognitive processing speed. If they’re often the last one in a group to complete a project, or they have trouble keeping the task’s steps in order, LearningRx’s brain training programs could be very beneficial.

As a LearningRx franchisee, you’ll be able to offer these programs to students that are experiencing frustration due to always finishing last or having difficulty keeping up with their classmates. Their parents may have tried traditional academic tutoring, hoping that better information retention would help, but if the child’s processing speed is slower than their peers, it won’t matter how much knowledge they can recall. By improving their brain’s processing speed, they’ll be able to complete tasks more quickly and more accurately, instead of getting stuck on a certain step or struggling to remember what comes next.

To learn more about opening a franchise in your community, please contact us today. As a parent or educator, you’ll be able to provide area students with exceptional brain training programs that will improve processing speed and boost confidence in the classroom. Instead of finishing last or leaving a project incomplete, students will keep pace with their classmates and contribute more on a daily basis.

Sustained Attention Can Be Improved

We spoke last time about a student’s selective attention, and how a busy classroom can often distract them from the task at hand. Another type of attention is sustained attention, which is what a person uses when they have a project that will take longer to complete, or a task that requires multiple steps to finish. In the classroom, a teacher may assign a reading section or essay that will take a student a long time to do, and if their sustained attention is one of their weaker cognitive skills, they can have trouble staying focused. With LearningRx’s brain training programs through your franchise location, you can help students improve their sustained attention.

There are indicators that sustained attention is an area of need for a student. Some of those indicators are many unfinished projects or tasks, or the frequent jumping between tasks and assignments. If a student can start a project and stick with it for a while, but then wants to put it aside once it becomes difficult, or they feel that something else is more appealing, sustained attention may be the first area that needs to be improved. Every child that visits your LearningRx location will complete a cognitive skills assessment and if these indicators show as results, you’ll be able to inform their parents where the brain training programs need to begin.

We want every student that visits your franchise to come away with improved cognitive skills. If sustained attention is a struggle for them, we can help them improve that skill and stay on task, no matter how long it takes them. Contact us today for more information.

Help a Student Stay Focused in a Busy Classroom

In certain locations, class sizes are growing and teachers have to find new ways to devote their attention to every student that needs it. This can often mean that students are left on their own to complete assignments and finish tasks, but if there is a lot going on around them, those distractions can cause them to forget a step in their project or leave an answer unfinished. At LearningRx, we want those that open a brain training franchise to be able to help students stay focused in busy classrooms.

Our programs focus on strengthening cognitive skills, and among those skills are different kinds of attention – sustained, selective, and divided. It is selective attention that allows a child to stay focused on the task at hand, despite distractions all around them. If a parent brings a child to your location and tells you that their son or daughter is having a hard time focusing because of distractions in the classroom, you’ll have a good idea where to start on their brain training curriculum. Once their initial cognitive skills assessment is complete, you’ll be able to help them work on their selective attention.

If you’re interested in opening your own brain training franchise and offering students the ability to strengthen their brainpower, please contact us today. We’ll explain our franchise process and answer any questions that you may have. We’ll clarify how we go about choosing franchisees, and what sort of timetable you can expect for our decision. We look forward to hearing from you!

Enhance a Student’s Visual Processing

There are some people in the world that are able to look at something once and remember what it looks like whenever asked. They can describe the item, how big or small it is, and what color it is. This also enables them to complete visual tasks, such as word problems and reading comprehension. If a student’s visual processing is one of their weaker cognitive skills, they could have trouble remembering what they read, navigating a map or maze, or completing word problems. As a LearningRx franchisee, the brain training programs that you provide to the community will help enhance a student’s visual processing skills.

If a student has trouble visually processing something, they could fall behind the rest of the class, or feel self-conscious when called on to give an answer regarding something they’ve just read. During games and activities, if the teacher acts out the directions or instructions, they may have trouble recalling the steps, even after seeing them demonstrated multiple times. With LearningRx’s programs, visual processing can be strengthened and a student’s confidence bolstered.

Whatever the student’s age, our brain training programs can help. We have curriculum for students of every age, and once they’ve completed the cognitive skills assessment at your learning center, you’ll have a better understanding of what skills need to be strengthened. Before long, their visual processing speed will be improved, and their comprehension will be enhanced. Call us today to learn how you can start your own brain training franchise and help students improve all of their cognitive skills!