Boost a Child’s Working Memory Skills

When you open a LearningRx brain training franchise in your community, you’ll be providing students with access to more than just academic tutoring. As an education franchise, you’ll be offering brain training programs that will strengthen their cognitive skills, such as logic and reasoning, auditory processing, and working memory. During their first visit, the child will take a cognitive skills assessment that will let the instructor know on what areas the student needs to focus.

For those students that struggle with working memory, there will be signs that they have trouble recalling knowledge or information while in the process of using it. Examples of this include having to read directions again in the middle of an assignment, trouble following complex directions, or forgetting something that was just said to them. The LearningRx programs are designed to improve working memory and boost a child’s confidence while they are working on a project, or attempting to take instructions and complete a task.

We want every child to find that confidence that can be elusive when they struggle in the classroom. If a student has a hard time understanding directions, or has to repeatedly read instructions, their working memory could be the area on which they need the most focus. With a LearningRx brain training franchise in their community, they can improve that skill, as well as many others. Contact us today if you’re interested in opening your own franchise location. We love meeting new people and seeing their passion for education and the empowerment of young students everywhere!

Strengthen a Student’s Logic and Reasoning Skills

Traditional academic tutoring often focuses on helping a student retain information, either to complete an assignment or to prepare for a test. As a LearningRx franchisee, you’ll be able to offer students more than traditional tutoring, and through our brain training programs, they’ll strengthen their memory, attention, and logic and reasoning skills, among others. You’ll be preparing them for a lifetime of success, not just on a particular test or in the classroom, but in whatever they do in the future.

Logic and reasoning is a very important cognitive skill, and by strengthening these skills, students will be able to form concepts and solve problems using unfamiliar information and novel procedures. If a student struggles with word problems or has difficulty grasping abstract ideas, logic and reasoning could be the area they need to focus on the most. If a student ever says, “What do I do first?,” or, “I don’t understand this,” our LearningRx programs are ideal for them. They’ll soon learn to analyze the relationship between conditions and draw conclusions through deductive reasoning and logical problem solving.

Through LearningRx, you’ll see students grow and learn in amazing ways. You’ll see vast improvements, even in a short amount of time. If you’re interested in opening a franchise location in your community and providing exceptional brain training programs for students that will truly benefit, please contact us right away. We’ll explain our franchisee process, and how you can get started. Before long, you’ll have students from all over coming to your location!

Our Programs Are Like Barbells for the Brain

If you’re someone that enjoys going to the gym, then you know that the best way to build muscle and get stronger is to lift weights and participate in resistance training. You don’t over exert yourself, but instead set a steady pace and lift the appropriate weight, so that you gain muscle but don’t do crucial damage to your body. At LearningRx, our brain training programs are like barbells for the mind, and we set a pace that is consistent and safe for every brain that goes through the courses. As one of our franchisees, you’ll be giving students the opportunity to strengthen their brains!

When a student first comes to your location, they will take a cognitive skills assessment, which will determine what LearningRx programs will benefit them the most. If reading and processing speed is an issue, then ReadRx will be the best program for them. You won’t lay a bunch of material on the student and hope they will remember it, but instead work with them one-on-one at a consistent pace, strengthening their reading skills and boosting their confidence. LearningRx gets to the root of the cognitive issue that causes reading problems and works to make reading easier.

Brain training is exactly that – a training program. It takes consistent practice and an effective approach in order to yield results. As students come back again and again, you’ll begin to see their cognitive skills strengthening and their determination increasing. We love hearing success stories from all of our franchises, so if you’re interested in starting one of your own, please contact us right away!

Teach Learning Skills, Not Material

Students that struggle in class may try to focus more on the material or learning the facts before the next test date arrives. While the memorization of names and dates might help them on a history test, it doesn’t take care of the underlying issue. At LearningRx centers around the country, our team members focus on teaching better cognitive skills, instead of just covering the same material again and again. Students can easily become bored or frustrated when a teacher repeats the same thing over and over, and that’s why we take a different approach through our brain training programs.

As a LearningRx franchisee, you’ll be able to provide students with the opportunity to increase their processing speed and their confidence. If a student that has trouble reading is able to start understanding more complex words and complete sentences, their self-esteem will be bolstered and their determination will increase. They’ll participate more in class and as a result, see improved grades. A brain training program could be the boost they need to discover their true potential.

If you’ve heard countless parents talk about how, “If only my child understood the material,” then please contact us right away. We’ll get the franchise process started for you and before long, you’ll have a LearningRx center open in your community. Students will become improving their cognitive skills, instead of just trying to remember names and dates. We want to help children learn better, not just retain enough information to pass a test. Let us know if you share that belief!

Have Parents Asked You About Tutoring Services?

If you were an educator for many years and have now retired or moved on to another profession, you may have had parents ask you to provide tutoring services for their children. While tutoring can be effective for tests and certain assignments, LearningRx has found that brain training programs that teach students how to learn better and access information faster are even more effective. If you’ve enjoyed tutoring your friends’ children, but want to offer something more, contact us to learn more about education franchise opportunities.

Not every town and city has a dedicated tutoring or learning center, and opening a brain training location could be exactly what the area needs. Our team will help you decide where the best spot for your LearningRx center will be, and what demographics you will serve once the doors are open. Instead of working with just a few students, you and your staff will be able to interact on a one-on-one basis with several students, all who will be able to find success in every subject they take. Whether it’s computational skills for math class or reading comprehension for English, brain training programs can improve their cognitive power and make them better students.

If you’ve enjoyed tutoring but are looking for that next challenge, give us a call today. We’ll explain every detail of our brain training programs, and whether or not an education franchise makes sense for you. We’re always excited to meet people that have a passion for teaching, and want to make an impact on the next generation of students.

Brain Training Programs for Students Taking Interterm Courses

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, college students are looking forward to the holiday break and being able to put finals week in the rear view mirror. However, there are those students that will be taking interterm courses between the fall and spring semesters, in order to graduate sooner, or experience a distinct elective course that they wouldn’t have time for during a normal semester. Interterm classes are often unique and intensive studies, and with only a few weeks to complete them, students will need to be focused the entire time. With brain training programs through a LearningRx location, they’ll be able to improve their attention, memory, and reasoning skills.

Interterm classes may also involve some travel and if a student is learning a foreign language, they will want to be able to pick up the vocabulary and syntax as quickly as possible. Through quality brain training, students will not only retain information and hopefully recall it on their travels, but access important information about the culture and what terms are acceptable in certain situations. Their brains will work better, allowing them to access more of it while they are studying abroad.

Interterm students are just one group of people that can benefit from brain training programs. If you’re interested in education franchise opportunities, please contact us right away. Colleges and universities around the country offer courses in biology, English, world religions, and many other subjects, and you can help students succeed in whichever class they decide to talk for those few weeks.

Open an Education Franchise in 2016

With Thanksgiving less than a week away and December coming right behind, 2015 is quickly drawing to a close. At LearningRx, we’ve enjoyed another year of reaching more and more students through our brain training centers, and have welcomed more franchisees into our company family. As we come to the end of another year, we look back at our successes, but our focus is always on the future. We’re always excited to speak with people that are interested in opening an education franchise in their community, and believe that if you’re dedicated to helping students of all ages, you can be successful!

When you contact us about our franchise opportunities, we’ll go over the geographic and demographic information with you. Who will want to visit your LearningRx location? Are there high schools and colleges within short driving distance from your center? We’ll also discuss your potential income and how long it will take before your doors can open for the first time. Once you’ve been approved, you’ll receive outstanding support from our core team, giving you the ability to reach as many students as possible.

To receive your free information kit, please contact us as soon as possible. We believe that 2016 is going to be another outstanding year for LearningRx, and we would love for you to be a part of it. If you start the franchisee process now rather than later, you could have your new education franchise location open before too much of the new year has passed by!

We Want to Reach As Many Students As Possible

LearningRx’s mission is to put brain training and cognitive enhancement tools within reach of as many students as possible. We do that by helping success-minded individuals start brain training franchises all across the country. With over 70 learning centers in over 20 states across the country, we’ve gotten a good start on that mission. We love to hear from people that are interested in providing these programs to their community, because that means we’re reaching more students and impacting more lives.

LearningRx has brain training centers from New Jersey to California, and has plans to open more locations very soon. These education franchises are open because business owners, teachers, and parents had the courage to take the first step and contact us about what it takes to open a location of their own. Our team is always ready to provide information and support to interested parties, and after the application process and due diligence, we hope that everyone that contacts us will be opening a new LearningRx location. We understand that it might be a bit intimidating to branch out on this new career path, but we know that if you are truly interested, success will find you.

We’re always looking to expand our presence near schools and universities, and we’re excited whenever we get the opportunity to make a difference in a student’s life. That difference happens when a new franchise location opens, and the director is someone that is dedicated, as we are, to helping people find better ways to use their brain. Contact us today for more information!

A Brain Training Franchise Could Be Your Path to Success

There are many people out there that have changed jobs and careers multiple times in their lives, and that’s not necessarily an indicator of failure or success. Some people build successful businesses, sell them, and move into an entirely different industry, while others simply like to jump around until they settle on a job that truly appeals to them. Regardless of your past circumstances and careers, a LearningRx brain training franchise could be the very thing to start you on the path to success.

Our brain training programs have been effective in improving memory, focus, and processing speed in students of all ages. Our franchise fees are very competitive, and you can earn a living while providing an exceptional service to your community. We will disclose a full earning statement at the appropriate time, and our support team is always ready to help you in any way you need. From geographic location to community involvement, we’ll provide the tools you need to grow your client base quickly.

If you feel that this is something you’re interested in, contact us today to set up your introductory call. Following that, we will look at your qualifications and give suggestions for financing, if necessary. After discussing the Franchise Disclosure Document and performing due diligence, we will talk about your Discovery Day, which you will spend at our headquarters in Colorado Springs. Once you’ve been approved, your brain training franchise should be up and running within three to six months!

Don’t let a past of jumping from job to job discourage you from finding success. Get in touch with us today!

Trust Our One-On-One Approach

As a LearningRx franchisee, you’ll most likely see students of all ages visit your location. When you’re helping adults that are interested brain training programs, it can be very beneficial to explain that you have a one-on-one system in place. Many continuing education programs utilize a classroom environment, and a single student can sometimes feel lost when there are a dozen other people asking questions during each session. With the LearningRx formula, they will be able to work one-on-one with an instructor, and make the most of their time.

The one-on-one approach works well because before any student, no matter their age, begins a brain training program, their cognitive abilities are assessed. Once it’s determined what areas they need to focus on, they can devote their time to that LearningRx program. Continuing education courses often take an umbrella approach, covering as much as possible within a given amount of time, and a student can miss out on something that is vitally important to their success. At your franchise location, you can offer a focused approach with programs that are designed to improve the areas of the brain that need the most attention.

If you have an adult that’s interested in brain training programs at your location, make sure they know that they will receive the time and attention necessary to improve their memory, processing speed, logic skills, and any other areas they feel they want to enhance. Our one-on-one approach has proven to be very successful, and we know it will be every single time!