Any Student Can Find Success with Our Brain Training Programs

As a child in school, you may have had some difficulty in certain subjects, such as math or reading comprehension. Perhaps your parents hired a tutor to help you better understand the concepts of a certain subject, and you might still have some of that knowledge in your brain. While academic tutoring can be effective, you may have only learned the information in order to pass the class tests, and now that you’re older, you have a hard time accessing it. With a LearningRx franchise and our brain training programs, you can give students of all ages access to improved brainpower and cognitive skills.

Unlike tutoring, our brain training courses help a person unlock more cognitive potential, moving behind the retention of certain information and into the realm of higher brain processing speed. While you learned your multiplication tables as a child and are still able to do some mental math, you could learn how to train your brain into not only remembering numbers, but accessing your mathematical memory at a higher speed. When you open a franchise location, you’re giving students the opportunity to do the same, and avoid the frustrations of not understanding the concepts of a certain subject in school.

Brain training programs are a thriving industry, and even though you may not have had access to them when you were a student, you can help others unlock untapped brainpower. To learn more about franchise opportunities and how to start one in your community, contact LearningRx today. We look forward to hearing from you!

Make a Career Change with a New Education Franchise

Working in a job you don’t enjoy is a surefire way to not thoroughly enjoying life. You may have been very excited when you got the job, and it’s possible that everything was fine at the beginning. However, as time progressed, the job didn’t turn out to be what you thought it would, and pursuing it any longer as a career just didn’t make sense. At LearningRx, we believe that your career should stir your passions and make it so you can’t wait to get up in the morning and get started. With a new education franchise, you could find the career change that you’d been waiting for.

There are so many diverse personalities in the world, that it could seem difficult for someone to find the “perfect job,” where they work with the “perfect people.” There are always going to be certain aspects about a career that you might not like, but if helping people achieve more while you yourself grow, and brain training franchise will provide rewards you never thought imaginable. We’ve personally seen countless life changing stories of those that have completed brain training courses and experienced greater success in the classroom and their daily lives.

If you’re ready to make a career change, and if improving the brainpower of yourself and others interests you, contact LearningRx today. We can help you begin your own education franchise and start a new career that’s more fulfilling than any other you’ve had. We look forward to helping you get started!

Brain Training Programs for Those That Want to Go Back to School

With the new school year just around the corner, students from first grade to seniors in college will be heading back to the classroom for another year of study. But what about those that are no longer in school, and have been thinking about continuing their education? At LearningRx, we believe that a person is never done learning, and can always improve their brainpower. As a franchise owner, you can give adults access to brain training programs that help them find the education they’ve been seeking, and if they decide to enroll in traditional classes in the future, they’ll be that much more prepared when their first class begins.

Our brain training courses cover everything from mathematics and reading, to memory and logic skills. While traditional tutoring centers can help someone learn and perhaps retain certain information, our programs actually make their brain work more efficiently. At your franchise location, you can help people create stronger connections in their brain, so that they not only comprehend what they read and retain the information, but grasp the concepts more fully and recall the information quickly.

By helping people improve their brainpower, they’ll see better productivity in their personal and corporate lives, and will notice that they are learning things every day. They may decide, down the road, to pursue another degree or take some continuing education courses, and they’ll be better prepared and find that learning isn’t as difficult as they perhaps thought it would be. To learn more about LearningRx franchise opportunities and our brain training programs, contact us today.

What Can You Earn with a LearningRx Tutoring Franchise?

When you open a LearningRx learning franchise, your mission is to help the community around you unlock more brainpower and find more success in work, school, and life. You’re providing a place where they can learn and grow in amazing ways, and that success cannot be measured in dollars. However, we also understand that a franchise is a business, as well as the source of your livelihood, and in order for it to continue to be operational, it needs to be profitable both personally and collectively.

One question that any potential franchisee should always ask is, “How much can I earn?” It’s not that you’re putting money ahead of everything else, it’s that your simply being smart about your investment and your long-term earning potential. You’re willing to put money into opening a franchise location, and it’s important to have a plan in place that lets you prepare for the future. LearningRx has a franchise fee that is comparable or lower than other tutoring franchises, and you’ll receive a partial earnings claim with your Franchise Information Kit. After your qualification call, we’ll send you a franchise disclosure document that contains a fully disclosed earnings claim.

Any business has the potential to be profitable and at LearningRx, we want to equip our franchisees with everything they need to be successful. If you’d like more information on a brain training tutoring franchise, including how much you can earn by starting your own, please contact us right away. We look forward to speaking with you!

Hear What Our Franchisees Have To Say

Starting an education franchise might seem like an intimidating endeavor, and there is definitely some uncertainty that comes with any business venture. At LearningRx, we understand if you have some hesitation about starting a brain training franchise in your community, and that’s why our support team loves to hear from successful franchisees, so that we can pass those testimonials on to you. Hopefully these stories and recommendations from around the country can give you the confidence you need to take that first step toward franchise ownership.

Eric Welch – Flower Mound, TX

Eric is a former IT Project Manager, and managed teams of all sizes for over 20 years. After starting a LearningRx franchise in Texas, he found that our support team was always willing to help. Here’s what he had to say about his experience with our team:
“I can honestly say that the LearningRx team is one of the best!! They continually strive to provide superior support day-in and day-out. No request is too crazy or complicated for them…they’ll give you an answer quickly!”

Michael Ginsberg – Marlboro, NJ

Michael is a former Chief Financial Officer who has owned several businesses over the course of his life. When he was evaluating the LearningRx model, he asked the right questions before he made the decision to open an education franchise in Marlboro:
“[W]hen I was deciding about whether to open a LearningRx center, I not only spent time looking at the business model, but I also wanted to make sure that there was a solid level of support to help me along the way. I wanted to make sure that not only was there good initial training, but was there sufficient ongoing support to help me open my center, hire and train the right people, deal with ongoing marketing decisions, set goals, evaluate my performance, and give suggestions to “coach” me in the right direction.”

If you’re considering open your own location, take the time to read through the testimonials regarding our support team. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us right away!

Growth Potential with a Brain Training Franchise

Taking the steps towards opening a franchise can be a bit nerve-racking, especially if you try to start one without all the necessary information. However, if you plan and strategize, and take the time to learn all you can about the franchisor, you can feel better about starting a location in your community. At LearningRx, we’ve taken the time to detail our brain training programs and franchise information, so that when you call, you’re given everything you need to know and can make an informed decision.

One aspect we’re often asked about is the growth potential of our franchises. Market research has shown that brain training and cognitive fitness programs are only moving upwards, and LearningRx has taken a leading role in that market. What was once a multi-million dollar industry has now become a billion dollar industry. By dedicating time and effort to your franchise, you can see amazing growth, even in the first year. We’ll help you find the perfect spot for your location, taking into account any other LearningRx franchises that may be near you. We’ll also equip you to engage the interested public and help them know what to expect from your education franchise.

If you’d like to learn more about our brain training programs and franchise opportunities, please contact us right away. We’ll gladly show you the growth that your franchise can experience in a short amount of time, and the success that you can have both personally and collectively with the people that come to your location for cognitive skill improvement.

What People Can Expect From Your Education Franchise

When you set up a LearningRx education franchise in your area, your first priority is going to be to attract interested people. We set up our territories with a buffer zone that’s geared towards boosting your visibility as a franchisee, and that doesn’t encroach on other franchisee territories. We want to make sure that there’s a diverse range of demographics in your territory, and that people of all ages will have access to brain training programs. While this is essential to setting you up for success, you also need to be equipped with information that you can pass on to the public.

People most likely won’t be interested in driving too far to reach your franchise location, so having a prime spot with a good population radius is key. Letting the public know that you’re only a few minutes away is a great method for attracting customers. We’ll help you find that perfect location, but even if people know where you are and that it’s near their home, they’re still going to want to know what brain training is all about. If someone calls or stops in to learn more, you can provide them with our Cognitive Skills Assessment that will help determine which program is right for them.

At LearningRx, we want to set you up for success, and help you attract people that want to boost their brainpower. By having a prime location for your education franchise, and providing the public with pertinent and helpful information, people will know what to expect from your programs, and that you offer the very best in brain training exercises.

Brain Training Programs For Even The Youngest Of Minds

With the proper tools and opportunities, academic success can begin at a very young age. Toddlers are developing their comprehensive skills, even as they begin to learn to talk and form complete sentences. At LearningRx, we believe in empowering even the youngest of minds, and with our brain training programs being offered through your local franchise, you can provide those youngster with the skills they need to begin their academic careers.

Our LiftOff program is specifically designed for preschoolers, kindergartners, and first graders, and it focuses on building a firm foundation of cognitive skills. By starting them off right, they will develop stronger memory skills, number comprehension, and reading ability. You may have heard parents say, “I wish my child had more opportunities to learn at a young age,” and with a brain training franchise and our LiftOff program, you can give parents and children those opportunities that they might otherwise miss. We provide training and in-home tools that help a child develop stronger mental skills, which prepares them for the higher grade levels as they progress through their school years.

If you have young children, or you see a need in your community for stronger pre-K learning opportunities, contact LearningRx today about our brain training programs. We will gladly provide you with all of the information you need to start a franchise in your area, and give youngsters the opportunity to learn and grow in amazing ways as they begin their academic careers. With a strong cognitive foundation, they’ll go on to excel at everything they do!

A Brain Training Tutoring Franchise is the Perfect Summer School Alternative

The term “summer school” can often carry with it negative connotations, and that most likely stems from students dreading the possibility of it once the normal school year has ended. They may have to attend summer classes to make up a class that they didn’t do so well in, or they may take a course to get a head start on their college credits. Whatever the case may be, summer school doesn’t have to be a negative thing, but if you’re looking to improve your brainpower and the brainpower of those around you, a LearningRx brain training tutoring franchise could be the perfect solution.

As a franchisee, you’ll be able to provide your community with a location that serves as an alternative to summer school, and can help students prepare for the next school year with proven brain exercises and methods that will improve memory, logic and reasoning, and other cognitive skills. Students that have been to summer school to retake a course will find the LearningRx programs beneficial, and will also find success in the classroom, helping them avoid summer school the following year.

Students look forward to summer break each year, and knowing that they’ve passed every class and don’t have to enter a classroom until fall can help make their break even more enjoyable. For those that are having difficulty keeping up in school, or that are looking to unlock more of their brain’s potential over the summer, having a LearningRx brain training tutoring franchise nearby can be extremely beneficial.

Boost Your Frontal Lobe’s Power with an Education Franchise

We spoke last time about long-term memory, and the role it plays in learning and development. At LearningRx, we want to see people boost all seven cognitive skills, and our education franchises are designed to do just that. Another of those seven skills is Logic and Reasoning, and this process takes place in the frontal lobe of the brain. As the largest part of the brain, and located just above and behind the eyes, the frontal lobe is chiefly responsible for decision making and reasoning, and improving your logical processing power is possible.

When faced with a puzzle or a challenge, you have to be able to work through it by steps, as well as recognize what outcomes are possible. Scientists have found that damage to the frontal lobe of the brain can have a serious impact on high-level reasoning and decision making, and that those with impairments can have difficulties planning and making logical decisions. At LearningRx, it is our mission to help people improve their reasoning skills and call on more of their brainpower when working out a solution to a word problem or a card game.

By opening an education franchise in your community, you can provide people with the tools they need to boost their logic and reasoning. Our programs are designed for all ages, so if you have high school students that are interested, or adults that want to improve their brainpower, you can connect them with exactly what they require. Let us know today if you’re interested in franchise information!