3 Amazing Facts About Your Brain

The human brain is the world’s oldest supercomputer, and there are more and more things being discovered about it all the time. Scientists have studied the brain for centuries, and their research and breakthroughs have led to a greater understanding of the thing that keeps us moving and living every single day. The brain controls everything in your body, and in this blog, we’re going to cover three amazing facts about your body’s command center.

1. Your Brain Keeps Developing As You Get Older

Many studies have looked at how the brain grows and develops as a child gets older. It used to be believed that the brain stopped developing after early childhood, but new research has shown that the brain continues to change well into a person’s 30s and 40s.

2. The Brain Produces Enough Electricity to Power a Small Light Bulb

With all the neurons firing and electrical impulses coursing through the human brain, there’s quite a bit of power surging around your head. With the billions of neurons inside your brain, their collective energy could power a low-wattage bulb. Think about that the next time you have a great idea!

3. Your Brain Changes When You Learn Something

The human brain has neuroplasticity, meaning that when you learn something, the brain changes. New connections are formed between neurons, and certain parts of the brain will change and grow as new information is learned. Connections can also “die” when unnecessary information is deleted, and this is important for the brain to retain its neuroplasticity.

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