5 Daily Brain Breaks for the Office

At LearningRx, our mission is to help students of all ages improve their cognitive skills through our brain training programs. Our franchisees across the country work with students on a daily basis to improve attention, focus, memory, processing speed, and more, and the results often speak for themselves.

We all use our brains for so much every day, and it’s important to take breaks every so often so that we give it a chance to relax. This is especially important for anyone who sits in front of a computer all day in an office. You need to take time to refocus and let your brain have a rest, even if it’s only for five minutes.

1. Walk Around

After sitting in front of a screen for several hours, it’s good to get up and walk around. Not only is this good for your body, it’s good for your brain as well. Taking a break from what you’ve been working on and stretching your muscles can help you come back to it with a renewed focus. You may also think about a new way to solve a particular problem while you stroll around the office!

2. Listen to Music (Away From Your Desk)

You may have music playing in your headphones while you work, but that’s likely just background music that drowns out the ambient noise around you. You have soundtracks or instrumental music that plays continuously throughout the day, but when you want to take a brain break, go find a comfortable chair and listen to some tracks you’ve wanted to hear all day. There might be something from one of your favorite artists that you haven’t heard yet, and new music can be a great way to stimulate your brain.

3. Don’t Skip Snack Time

Your brain needs nutrients in order to function properly, and hopefully you eat breakfast every day to fuel your brainpower throughout the morning. However, when you hit that mid-morning slowdown, it can be beneficial to have a healthy snack. Something with plenty of protein can give you the energy to focus and keep your brain on track until lunch. Make sure you take your snack break away from your desk!

4. Play a Game

If you’re not interested in simply walking around for your brain break, then consider playing a game instead. This doesn’t mean you play a game on your computer or on your phone, but something that gets you moving, such as ping pong. If your office has ping pong tables or a foosball table, then find someone to play with and get your brain engaged in something other than spreadsheets and emails.

5. Have a Conversation

Since you’re staring at a screen or on the phone all day, you may not have much face-to-face interaction with other people (besides the occasional meeting). When you’re taking your brain break, find someone to talk to and find out how their day has been going. You don’t have to talk about anything in particular, but a five- to 10-minute conversation can be just the thing you need to reset your brain.

We hope that these brain breaks have given you some ideas of how to keep yourself focused at work and fend off any “brain fog” that threatens to disrupt your day. If you’d like to learn more about our brain training programs and how they can benefit you, or how you can open your own education franchise location, then please contact us today. We’ll gladly provide you with information on how you can start a LearningRx center, as well as what you can expect to make in your first year as a franchisee.

We look forward to hearing from you!