A Personal Trainer For The Brain

You’ve heard us speak before about how our programs are like barbells for the brain. While physical fitness analogies provide a good context for brain training, there’s often much more to it than just giving your brain a workout. When you open your LearningRx franchise, you’ll be giving students access to a personal trainer for their brain, with specifically designed programs administered by a person that challenges and encourages them.

The one-on-one interaction of the brain trainer and the student is what makes LearningRx unique. Parents have seen all kinds of online tutoring advertisements and promos for digital brain training exercises, but your physical learning center location gives them a place where they can bring their child, and that child can form a relationship with their individual instructor. As the franchisee, you’ll be able to hire trainers and instructors that you know will work well with children and that will truly become a part of their lives. Over time, you’ll see the positive impact that they have on the students, and the progress that each child makes.

A personal trainer for the brain means that each person that comes to your education franchise will receive the individual attention they need to improve their cognitive abilities. As with a physical workout, there will be both successes and failures, but with a focus on confidence, attitude, and results, every student will be able to unlock more of their brainpower and experience greater achievements in the classroom and in life in general. We look forward to speaking with you!