Add Card Games and Puzzles to Your Summer Fun!

At LearningRx, our goal is to help students of all ages unlock greater cognitive potential through our brain training programs. Our franchisees around the country work with young kids, teenagers, and adults in order to help them improve their processing speed, working memory, attention, and much more.

While “brain training” may sound like it could be somewhat dull, the opposite is actually true. Our programs are designed to be fun and engaging, and with our one-on-one structure, each student can work at their own speed and not have to worry about competing with someone else. Card games and puzzles are a part of our curriculum, and adding these things to your summer fun can help keep your brain sharp and focused. Whether you’re a teacher, a parent, or a student, we know you’ll love playing games and solving puzzles, either on your own or with a group of people.

Recognition and Response

There are countless types of card games out there, and you likely have your favorite. You might enjoy playing with a standard deck of cards, and your favorite games may be pitch, euchre, or bridge. These games require you to recognize what each card is worth and respond by playing an appropriate card of your own. The rules state what can be played at what times, and your brain is constantly running through those rules as you progress through the game.

As you recognize and respond to what cards are on the table, you’re also thinking ahead to what your next move or play will be. Your logic and reasoning skills kick in as you strategize on how you can potentially win the game, or at least put yourself in a position to win. Card games that use special decks with different pictures or symbols on them, such as UNO®, require visual processing skills as well, and the more you play these games, the faster your visual processing speed should become.

Problem-Solving Skills

When trying to complete a puzzle, be it a jigsaw puzzle or a crossword puzzle, you’ll need to engage your problem-solving skills. First, you must pay attention to how the puzzle is laid out or how it’s supposed to go together. Next, you’ll need to apply logic so that you can start on the correct step and progress from there. If you’re working on a word puzzle, then your spelling skills will come in handy, and if you’ve been struggling with spelling, this can be an opportunity to improve.

Puzzles require you to think about how each part fits together into the whole. Each part has its own purpose, and you’ll need to figure out how it fits with the part next to it in order to work towards the final solution. In certain puzzles, each new step builds on the previous one, and your working memory will aid in helping you recall what came before and how it contributes to what you’re looking at right now. Brain training can help you improve your working memory, as well as remember instructions that you may have read or heard on how to complete the puzzle.

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As you’re sitting down this summer to play cards with the family, or you’re working on a puzzle in your free time, remember how beneficial these things can be to your brain. Playing cards and completing puzzles on a regular basis can help you improve your cognitive skills, and when you go back to work or school, you may find that you’re able to focus better and recall things more easily.

At LearningRx, our brain training centers offer programs that help people of all ages improve their cognitive skills. Our curriculum is designed to help people become better learners, not just recall facts and figures, as traditional academic tutoring might do. If you’re interested in learning more about our educational franchise opportunities, then please contact us today. We’d love to speak with you about the possibility of opening a brain training location in your community.

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