An Education Franchise for the Entrepreneurial Spirit

At LearningRx, we believe that the passion that stirs an entrepreneur should be given an outlet where it can flourish and grow, and where those that come in contact with it are equally impassioned to pursue their own goals. With a brain training and education franchise, you’re not only encouraging students to unlock more brainpower and cognitive potential, you’re also equipping them to have successful lives and careers after their school years.

We’ve seen people from all walks of life make a career change and open a LearningRx location in their town or city. We’ve had an audiologist from Wisconsin and Internet pioneer from Minnesota change the course of their lives and the lives of others by starting a franchise in their community. We’ve also had mothers and fathers, after witnessing the transformation of their child through our brain training programs, start their own LearningRx center in order to help other children find that same transformation.

We’ll help you narrow down the best location for your education franchise, explain how you can get started, and what results you can expect in your first year. If you have the entrepreneurial spirit burning inside of you, put that passion to use by opening a brain training center. You’ll be inspired and you’ll inspire others to achieve bigger and betterĀ things, and they in turn will continue what you started, striving to help others unlock their own cognitive potential. To find out more information, call us at 719-955-6708, or request your Free Information Kit.