Better Readers Through Brain Training

In our previous post, we used the word “indefatigable” to discuss the type of spirit and confidence students can find at LearningRx centers around the country. This may have been a word you knew, but it might not, and that’s okay. It’s not a word you encounter on a daily basis, but there are other vocabulary words young students encounter every day that they have a hard time spelling, reading, or remembering. Trouble with reading and spelling comprehension can lead to other issues in the classroom, and our brain training courses are designed to help students overcome those issues. As a franchisee, you’ll be able to help students become better readers and better spellers.

How Do Spelling Problems Begin?

There are various studies that cover the topic of spelling problems, and much of it has to do with auditory processing and how well a child understands the individual speech sounds that each letter represents. A student may read a word, but it’s important for them to hear it spoken as well, but if they have trouble remembering the sounds, they could have difficulty spelling it out themselves. Our ReadRx program focuses on auditory processing and other skills that are vital to reading and spelling comprehension.

If you’re interested in brain training, or your own son or daughter struggled with spelling and reading and you’d like to help other students overcome those issues, contact us today. We’re always excited to meet potential franchisees and discover why they want to open their own learning center.