Better Results than a Traditional Tutoring Franchise

When you start your own LearningRx franchise location, chances are you’re going to have to compete with any traditional tutoring franchise that’s already established in the area. While this may seem like quite the challenge, competition can be good for business, especially if your results show that you can provide the best service and educational improvement. Brain training is an industry that’s still catching on in America, but it’s seen exponential growth over the past ten years. Once people become familiar with the products and services that you offer, they’ll see the benefit of visiting your location.

Tutoring franchises are often geared towards teaching a particular subject, such as science or reading. Students that seem to struggle in one of these classes will seek out tutoring to improve their grades, but they may only be improving information retention, instead of learning how to think faster and better. Good reading comprehension requires strong attention skills and improved working memory, so that the student can recall something else they’ve read and apply it to their current text, instead of just recalling a paragraph or two when a test is placed in front of them.

If you want to offer students and citizens in your community something more than a traditional tutoring franchise, contact LearningRx today. We can provide all of the necessary information that you will need to make the best decision for yourself and those that you will help unlock more cognitive potential and brainpower. We look forward to speaking with you!