Boost a Child’s Working Memory Skills

When you open a LearningRx brain training franchise in your community, you’ll be providing students with access to more than just academic tutoring. As an education franchise, you’ll be offering brain training programs that will strengthen their cognitive skills, such as logic and reasoning, auditory processing, and working memory. During their first visit, the child will take a cognitive skills assessment that will let the instructor know on what areas the student needs to focus.

For those students that struggle with working memory, there will be signs that they have trouble recalling knowledge or information while in the process of using it. Examples of this include having to read directions again in the middle of an assignment, trouble following complex directions, or forgetting something that was just said to them. The LearningRx programs are designed to improve working memory and boost a child’s confidence while they are working on a project, or attempting to take instructions and complete a task.

We want every child to find that confidence that can be elusive when they struggle in the classroom. If a student has a hard time understanding directions, or has to repeatedly read instructions, their working memory could be the area on which they need the most focus. With a LearningRx brain training franchise in their community, they can improve that skill, as well as many others. Contact us today if you’re interested in opening your own franchise location. We love meeting new people and seeing their passion for education and the empowerment of young students everywhere!