Brain Activities for Winter Break

November is now here, which means that Thanksgiving break is only a few weeks away, which will be followed closely by winter break. For students across the country, this means some time off from school, which can be a very welcome thing after a particularly challenging semester. At LearningRx, our brain training programs are designed to keep a student’s brain engaged all year long, not just when they’re in the classroom. As winter break approaches, it’s important to think about what activities a student can do to keep their brain engaged during those two to three weeks away from school. If you’re interested in learning more about our education franchise opportunities, then please contact us today!

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Pick One Book to Read

Students have been reading books all semester, whether they’re textbooks or assignments for English class. Some books they prefer more than others, but all are necessary to helping them learn. When it comes to winter break, there can be plenty of time for reading for pleasure. Picking one book to read can help keep a student’s brain engaged, and they can encounter new words and new ideas that they may not find in the classroom or in a textbook.

Write a Short Story

If a student has been struggling with reading or spelling, then having them write a short story over winter break can help them continue to work on those words they’ve been having trouble with, and understanding words within the context of a sentence. They can write about their trip to grandma’s house for the holidays, or about what they got as gifts from friends and family. It can be just a few pages long, and spelling and grammar can be greatly improved.

Let Them Build Something

Another way to keep a student’s brain engaged is to let them build something during the winter break. They’ll have to use their math and engineering skills to figure out how to measure and assemble their materials, and their problem-solving abilities will be put to the test. They can create something to give as a holiday gift, or they can construct something that they’ll use in their room, such as a bookshelf or cabinet. Either way, they’ll be using their brain in a way they may not have during the semester.

At LearningRx, we’re dedicated to helping students of all ages discover greater cognitive potential. These skills can be applied both inside and outside the classroom, and we have brain trainers across the country who work with students who want to improve attention, memory, focus, and more. If you’d like to learn more about our brain training programs and how you can become a franchisee, then please contact us by using the form below. A member of our team will respond as soon as possible, and can provide all the information you need to decide whether or not you want to join the LearningRx family. We’ll share our franchise model, as well as details on how much you can make as a brain training franchisee.

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