Brain Fun for Spring Break!

For many students around the country, spring break is nearly here, and they’re likely excited for a respite from schoolwork. Those in college might be heading off somewhere tropical, but for younger students, a week at home is the perfect break from the classroom. At LearningRx, we understand the need for a hiatus from school, since the brain needs time to rest as well.

During spring break, students may want to pursue things that they don’t get to do in the classroom. There may be a book they’ve been wanting to read or a museum they want to visit, and a week off from school can provide the perfect opportunity to do those things. They’ll likely want to watch TV and play video games as well, but as long as their brain is getting some stimulation, they’ll hopefully come back to school ready to learn!

Learn Some History

There’s a very good possibility that your town or city is full of history. There may have been famous people born there, or something significant may have happened there many years ago. Taking a tour of historical sites can help students not only learn new facts, but see their town or city in a different way. They can learn when the city was founded and who lived there at the very beginning. If a student is participating in brain training programs, they should be able to recall those facts quickly, should they need them in the future.

Build Something

There’s often nothing more challenging for the brain than trying to build something. A student who wants to build a piece of furniture during spring break will need to utilize their math skills in order to make sure they measure and cut things correctly. They’ll also have the opportunity to learn how to use new tools and incorporate good hand-eye coordination when using those tools. The brain will be engaged during the entire process, from the initial design to the finishing touches.

Attend a Day Camp

Some communities offer day camps for students who are on spring break. Parents are often still working during this time, and instead of hiring a babysitter or sending the kids to their grandparents’ house for the week, they can enroll the kids in a day camp. Some of our LearningRx centers around the country have offered spring break camps over the years, and it can be a great way for students to challenge their brains and learn new things.

There are likely some camps in your area that are perfect for kids in elementary and middle school. Look for those that involve hands-on and interactive activities so that the kids are not only using their brains, but their brains and their bodies together.

Spring break might come and go too quickly for some, but it’s important that students enjoy their time away from school. If you’re looking for things for your kids to do while they’re on break, then we hope this post has helped you. If you’d like to learn more about our brain training programs and how you can open your own LearningRx center, then please contact us right away.

We look forward to speaking with you!