Brain Training for Advanced Placement Classes

dreamstime_8193725When opening a LearningRx brain training franchise, you should expect to meet students who will need help focusing in class, remembering the steps to a task, and processing information more quickly. You’ll also meet those (as well as their parents) who have aspirations for Advanced Placement® (AP) classes, accelerated learning programs, and Ivy League colleges. As a franchisee, you’ll be excited about working with students of all levels, and it’s important to know what challenges can come with AP-level students.

Recognizing the Challenges

When working with a student who is in or who wants to be in an AP-level class, it’s important to recognize that these students may have short attention spans not because of weak cognitive skills, but because they’re not being challenged in the classroom. They’re able to complete tasks quickly on their own, and brain training programs can give them the challenge they’ve been seeking. LearningRx curriculum can also prepare them for the tasks and assignments they will encounter in AP classes, and help them understand that they will most likely have more work to do in less time in those courses.

Advanced Placement classes are a great way for a student to get college credit while still in high school, and also challenge them where they need it the most. Our franchise information and support team will help you equip your learning center for every student who walks through the door, including those looking for new ways to boost their brainpower and achieve their academic goals. Contact us today to learn more.

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