Brain Training for Everyday Life

When people come to a LearningRx franchise location, they’re often looking for a boost in their school and classroom success. They want to be able to pay better attention in class, and process information more quickly when working on an assignment or a test. Our brain training programs, unlike traditional tutoring, do more than just improve memory retention and test-taking skills; they help people function better in their everyday lives. When you open your location, you’ll not only be helping students achieve more in school – you’ll be improving their lives!

For those that are no longer in school, they may not think that brain training is for them, but if they’ve found that they’re forgetting necessary information, such as their Social Security number or debit card PIN, our programs can help. With improved memory, they won’t forget where they put their keys, or what time their next appointment is. This is especially important for elderly adults that still live on their own and enjoy their independence, and would like to keep it that way. With improved memory function and processing speed, they can also reduce their stress level, since they won’t be worrying about remembering things all the time.

If you’re interested in helping students of all ages, as well as those that are no longer in school, contact LearningRx today. Our brain training programs are designed for everyone, no matter their age, and each participant will see a marked improvement in their everyday life. Call today and get started on the process!