Brain Training for the Non-Traditional Student

If you’re interested in opening an education franchise in your community, but are concerned over the lack of families with young children, there’s no need to worry. People of all ages can benefit from our brain training programs, not just younger students. If there are several colleges or universities near you, you could see an influx of older students that want to increase their cognitive potential through LearningRx. One demographic that might frequent your franchise location is that of the non-traditional college student.

Non-traditional students, or “non-trads,” are often those that didn’t continue their education immediately after graduating high school. Perhaps they got a job or started a family, and college took a backseat to the rest of their life. Now that they have the time and/or finances, they’ve decided to get their degree, but might feel nervous about remembering facts and information from their high school classes. The LearningRx programs that will be offered through your education franchise will allow them to unlock more brainpower and engage more completely in their college courses. A non-trad’s age can range from the mid-20s to the late 50s, and they often don’t live on campus and have to commute to and from school. They may already live near your franchise location, and having access to brain training programs could be exactly what they need!

To learn more about LearningRx and our franchise opportunities, please contact us today. Once you’ve started your location, you’ll be able to serve all types of students, traditional and non-traditional alike.