Brain Training Programs As An Alternative ADHD Treatment

For many adults and children with attention deficit disorder (ADHD), the biggest daily challenge is paying attention – at work, in class, in the middle of conversations.  Even those who aren’t affected by ADHD could benefit from some attention training through brain training programs from time to time. It’s exciting for us that new evidence now suggests that alternative ADHD treatments – specifically brain training programs and working-memory training can improve attention and focus across the board!

In fact, one study found that after only 5 days after beginning a brain training program, the brains of 6 year olds began to act like those of adults on one crucial measure of attention. Another study found that boosting short-term memory seems to improve children’s ability to stay on task! Teachers, parents, and everyone who lives with ADHD can rejoice! Dozens of schools nationwide are already incorporating some kind of attention training into their curricula. And as this new arena of research helps overturn long-standing assumptions about attention and memory, it offers intriguing possibilities.

Here at LearningRx, we offer you a unique opportunity to help treat the cause rather than the symptoms. While tutoring focuses on reteaching content, LearningRx focuses on why someone didn’t learn the content in the first place. LearningRx strengthens all major cognitive learning skills first before providing research-based reading or math programs.

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