Brain Training Programs for Early Learners

Brain Training Programs for PreschoolersIt may seem obvious, but the importance of young children starting their academic careers successfully is something that cannot be overstated. Parents look for a preschool or kindergarten that will give their child a great start on their schooling, but even if they find an exceptional program, it may seem like there is something missing, or their child may exhibit struggles in certain areas. With brain training programs from LearningRx, and specifically our LiftOff curriculum, early learners can get the boost they need.

Developing Cognitive Skills in Early Learners

Our franchisees work with students of all ages, and we want to make sure that every learning center has the tools they need to cater to every person that walks through the door. Our LiftOff program is designed for preschoolers through first graders, and helps lay the foundation for strong cognitive skills including attention, memory, visual processing, and more. You may meet some parents that are hesitant about investing in tutoring for their five- or six-year-old child, but when you explain that LearningRx offers much more than traditional academic tutoring, they’ll see the advantages of signing up their son or daughter for LiftOff.

With our brain training programs, preschoolers, kindergartners, and first graders will be able to work on reading skills, auditory skills, and much more. They’ll be preparing their brains for the more in-depth learning that is to come in the years ahead, and will be poised for success throughout their academic careers. Contact us today to find out how to begin your franchise process!